Forum Regulations - *Please Read*
The following regulations are designed to make everyone’s experience of the forums a pleasant and productive one. A breach of these guidelines may result in an increase to your warning level or the immediate removal of membership without notice to be determined by the forum moderators or the site administrator.

Basic Registration
Membership is free and required before you can post. You are required to supply a valid email address in order to create an account and to receive personal messages from other members. During the registration process a confirmation email will be sent to the account you specified. (Please be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder for this confirmation.) Your email address will not be published, given to anyone else, or used for advertising.

Content Rules
Once you are ready to participate in the forums, please remember the following: the members of this site come from a vast array of backgrounds and age groups. Refrain from using profanity or obscenities as some of our members are under age. Do not use language which could be considered demeaning to one’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, mental ability, physical capacity, and/or attributes. Whether or not you personally consider a term to be offensive is irrelevant. If others may be offended by it, keep it to yourself.

Keeping discussion friendly and following the common principles of good etiquette will make this forum a good resource for everybody. “Trolling” (i.e. posting comments for the specific purpose of arousing anger or ill will) will not be tolerated. Controversial commentary is okay as long as the discussion remains civil and should be made with a view to informing, assisting and encouraging. Trolls will emerge from time to time. It is an unavoidable part of existence on the Internet. Do not respond to their posts to fuel their fire. Instead, ignore the post and bring the user to the attention of a forum administrator or a moderator who will deal with them in an appropriate manner.

Do not use a username to represent yourself as someone that you are not, such as claiming to be another registered member or a person that other board users may recognize for somewhere else on the web. This also includes using ‘puppet accounts’ (using one identity to agree with or respond to something that you posted to the board using a different identity).

TG Warning System
Members deviating from these guidelines may be issued a warning before being permanently banned. The warnings will be based on a 10 point system. Depending on the severity of the incident, you will receive cumulative demerit points ranging from 1-9. Your warning level will be visible on your user profile. Once you reach 10 demerit points, you will be banned from the forums.

Posting Hints
Other helpful habits to get into would be to post in the appropriate forum and use an informative subject line when creating a new topic. For example, use “How do I make stairs?” rather than “Help needed.” Use the off-topic forum for non-terrain related posting but even here, do not post links to offensive or adult related material or sites. TG is proud to be a family friendly site.

Do not post any personal information (email address, home address, etc.) on the forums. Please use the Personal Messaging system if you want to exchange personal information with another member but realize that you do so at your own risk.

Promotional Content
Suppliers and traders are an important part of our hobby and are welcome on the TerraGenesis forums. However we have restrictions regarding where “advertising” is allowed. Add any product recommendations or offers in the Promotional forum only. If your advertising thread seems irrelevant to our group, moderators or the site administrator may remove it without prior notice. The posting of links to blogs, websites, even personal ones, is regarded as advertising on TerraGenesis and also belong in the Promotional section of the forums.

If you have any question regarding these guidelines, please contact the site administor: MellyMonkey.