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Full Version: Comp XIII: FINAL ENTRIES
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Please post your final entries here.

For this competition I decided to build an old style caravan and car abandoned in the Mojave Desert.  It’s built for 25/28mm skirmish gaming in a post-apocalyptic setting (1962 Cuban Missile War) but could easily be used for any time from the early 1960s onwards.

The caravan is made of 200gsm card wrapped around a core of packing Styrofoam.  The windows are distressed plastic packaging, the wheels are made from flat wooden beads, the towing rig is built from a wooden craft stick and the gas cylinder was made from a wooden bead and some plastic scrap.  The whole thing is painted in a weathered two tone pattern.

The car is a model of “Luigi” from the Pixar movie cars, with his mouth and eyes filled in it’s now just an old Fiat 500 slowly rusting away.
The grass and flowering plants are made from an assortment of Mini Nature, Woodland Scenics, and Warlord Games products.  The cacti are from Pegasus Hobbies.  The flowering yucca is made from plastic aquarium plants, florist wire and 4Ground White Blossom flock.

It is based on a 15cm by 10cm piece of 5mm cork tile.  The body of the caravan is 6cm long, 4cm wide and 4cm tall.  The Fiat 500 is 5cm long 2.5cm wide and 3cm tall.

[Image: 33000137886_22d8496771_z.jpg]
The abandoned caravan and Fiat 500 in the Springtime Mojave Desert.

[Image: 33041876395_8c1c86bca9_z.jpg]
Caravan right and rear view.

[Image: 33000137626_a4d4bf6da2_z.jpg]
Caravan left side view.

[Image: 33041875875_dc794cde58_z.jpg]
Caravan rear left view.

[Image: 33000138066_0c2136efbc_z.jpg]
Fiat 500 (it is not glued into place as I'm short on suitable cars at the moment and may need to use it in another place some time, think of it as modular design).

A ruined Hirstarts Tower

My entry for the in Ruins competition is a ruined tower like Weathertop from Lord of the Rings.

All blocks are cast from the ruined tower mold from hirstarts. I casted the mold around 16 times to have all blocks ready. The instructions on assembling the tower can be found on the hirstarts webpage.

After glueing all parts together I primed the whole thing black. Then I used different shades of grey to drybrush the stones. Finally I glued some static grass into the seems of the stones to give it a more overgrown look. I didn't want to build a base to this or add more brush, because I wanted to keep the whole thing more generic, so I could use it in a jungle scenario as well as in a snowy destroyed city.

The miniatures are from reaper bones and are 28mm in scale. The footprint of the building measures 12" x 12" and the overall height is around 8".

[Image: img_0330.jpg]

[Image: img_0331.jpg]

[Image: img_0332.jpg]

[Image: img_0333.jpg]
Devastated Room of Devastation

This is a room built for the 28mm tabletop adaptation of the computer game Thief that I have been working on.

Scratch built from the floor up from polystyrene, cardboard and balsa wood. All the furniture is made from balsa wood. The only premade details are the knife and skull. I am particularly fond of the spider webs which were made from winding cotton around pushpins and then coated with PVA glue. The dead trees are made from.... bits of dead trees.

[Image: 20170221_160955.jpg]

[Image: 20170221_161034.jpg]

[Image: 20170221_161044.jpg]

[Image: 20170221_161104.jpg]

[Image: 20170221_161128.jpg]

WIP here