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Full Version: Downed Gundam
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Ok. I have changed my idea from below.

I am now going to make a small rocky outcrop that has a downed Gundam Mecha sprawled across it. It will be damaged and weathered. 

Here's my idea (s) ...

first, use a crappy chinese plastic toy gun as some kind of spaceship / gunship body and have it crashed into the ground - rusty, weathered etc.


2nd Scratch build a GW style space marine gunship and have that in the ground instead - all weathered ofc.

I'll be using this for my Necromunda Games - but I might theme it for use with my Frostgrave board too "Wow, what magical wizardy is this!?"

Any ideas or suggestions?
There are some pretty cool gunship/dropship models out there if you're willing to haunt toystores. Somebody makes an Avengers Quin-Jet that is super cool, and if I remember correctly it's pretty cheap.
Have you decided with road you're going to go on this one?
Not 100% yet - I have started to save pics of some of the GW Space Marine flyers so I can get an idea of how to knock one together, but I haven't broken out the glue yet.
Also the shops around where I live and work don't have any reasonable looking guns for me to butcher either, so it's looking like the scratch build route - at least for the time being.
Its Lunar New year here next week (you guys know it as Chinese New Year) I get 2 weeks off work...but I'll be going into the Countryside - I'll take another look for materials there Smile
Ok...change of theme. I couldnt fi d anything appropriate to use in tbe originalnidea so i have amended it. Im going through a bit of airbrush modulation practice and have been doing some Gundams. I am going to use one these as a downed one.

I have started...and taken some pics but cant upload yet...coming soon!
Looking forward to it!
Right, been mayhem these last few weeks - as I live in Vietnam and have just had Lunar New year or Tet (aka Chinese new year)...had a bit of time to play with my airbrush mainly.

Built a Bandai 1/144 Gundam Kyrios and but bullet holes into it.
Then Airbrush Modulated with Mig Jimenez Dunkelgreb set.

[Image: 20170205_151620-jpg.10686]

It's mounted on a bit of polystyrene which has been covered in paper and then sand - same as my previous tower builds.

Need to chip the paint as well as weathering - along with more rocks and grasses on the base.

C&Cs welcome as always.
No impact crater?