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Full Version: WoW Legion Inspired 4"X4" Gaming Board
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This board was made from mostly recycled materials. It turned out very green in the end, but it looks alien as a friend told me and I suppose that was kind of the effect I was shooting for! My simulation was that two "Fel" like meteors hit a grassy area and caused the area to start splitting and dying out. I tried to create a greener alive effect going into the craters where it would just be singed and dead. Give me some feedback guys! Thanks!

[Image: IMG_1870_zpsh7aqs4ed.jpg]

[img][Image: IMG_1872_zpse8mktifn.jpg][/img]
When I look at it, to me it looks like something crashed into the ground and then infected it. The pattern of the bright green and how you see it pop up in other areas on the board, to me it looks like something is spreading under the grass. Bit unnerving! Smile