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Full Version: Comp XI: FINAL ENTRIES
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Please post your final entries to the "Opposites" Competition in this thread.

Be sure to give yourself enough time before the close of the competition in case there are any issues posting. This thread will be LOCKED at the end of the day, Friday, October 21st.(10 days & 3 hours)

Final entries should be entered with photos that are large, crisp, and well lit. Members will be allowed a maximum of 5 photos per entry. Competition submissions also require a brief description of the materials used, completed size, intended final purpose and a link to your WIP thread.

Observers are encouraged to give comments & critiques in the user's WIP thread in an effort to keep this thread organized with submissions only. Voting will be open for 5 days after the entry deadline. Good luck!
Modular Sewers and Caverns

Opposites here are Sewers being Man-Made and the Caverns being Natural. (Man-Made vs Natural)

Each tile is 3inches by 3inches and approx 1/2inch in height.
Main materials used are PVC Foamboard, Single Corrugated Card, thin card stock and Hot Glue.

Modular tiles to be used in RPG and Gaming - made to be completely compatible with the previous Competition (Dungeon Tiles)

Full WiP can be found here Sewers'N'Caverns Competition Entry

[Image: untitled-jpg.9025]

The Sewer Tiles were primed with Matt black spray. Color was then added - Stippled Bright Red for the walls (inspired by the Movie "Flushed Away" Smile ) and Stippled Medium Grey for the floor.
The 'goo' was first hit with a base of Olive Drab - this was a watered down do it has a little transparency to it. Then stippled on Bright Yellow - again, a little transparent to give the bright neon green effect.

[Image: 20161020_162311-jpg.9015]

The Cavern Tiles were base painted with Titanium white before being given a Burnt Sienna Wash. Burnt Umber was used to add extra shadow in the recesses and joins. The Sinter Fills (Pools) were filled with a mixture of clear drying glue and burnt umber to create a gloss (wet) look to them.
Crystals were painted with GW colours and then Airbrushed the frill. White was added later.

[Image: 20161020_162944-jpg.9018]

Close up of the Sewers and the Caverns with the special transition piece.
The flocking is homemade using sawdust and two different shades of green.
The rickety wooden bridges and semi-submerged barrels are bits of offcut balsa and lolly pop sticks.

[Image: 20161020_162956-jpg.9019]

Close up of the Caverns and the Original Dungeon set with it's special Transition piece.
The Stalagmites were made using Tissue paper and PVA Glue - mounted on a small bit of plastic (Some broken maths equipment left in my classroom)

[Image: 20161020_163003-jpg.9020]

Thanks for looking! Big Grin