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Full Version: Freak Show
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[Image: 683391_sm-Entrance%2C%20Necromunda%2C%20Terrain.jpg]
[Image: 683393_sm-over-sized%20barbie%20head%20t...trance.jpg]

Sarge approaches what will eventually be the entrance to the Freak Show (Wretches Scummers' hideout)
[Image: 683697_sm-Grand%20Opening%203.jpg]
I think this is the first time I've seen a barbie head used in a terrain piece. Always good to see something different. Did you attach something to the bottom of the head in the last picture to keep it in that position?
The little shadow behind it is a toy car that it is leaning on. It is a massively oversized barbie head, and right now nothing is glued/pinned in place. Yet to do any more on it, still trying to figure out if I want to build it into some kind of tent/wall, have it stand alone, or raise it up a bit so it can be a tunnel-type entrance...

I kind of want it to be mobile, in that it can be loaded on a truck and moved around the place, something similar to this gate from american horror story(?)
[Image: 67693.jpg]
The idea is that, when the Freak Show Carnival/Troupe is about to move to a new dome, that they are able to load the Massive Head Entrance + Fences up on the back of a truck and drive it away to the next venue.

The Head/Mouth thing is where people buy tickets and Enter/Exit the Showgrounds, with it and the fence being roughly two Bulkheads high. I'm hoping to clown paint the barbie head and print up some carnival/freakshow posters to attach to the fence. The back of her head will/should have an Exit sign on it, just not sure if I need to paint "Freak Show" or anything across her brow.

Pieces slowly coming together.

[Image: 684681_sm-Grand%20Opening%204.jpg]

Sarge has a "discussion" with one of the Wretched Scummers at the WIP Freak Show gates.
[Image: 684682_sm-Grand%20Opening%205.jpg]
Wow, perfect. I love this kind of theme. I don't know if you know the french tabletop game Eden? They have a fraction called Jokers, consisting of former eastern europe circus members. This piece would fit perfectly to their theme. I'm looking forward seeing this thing develop.
I was unaware, but am grabbing the rules and flicking through google images. Thanks for pointing them out to me, I just wish I had money so I could buy some of those minis - they're pretty! Big Grin
I love this idea. When all its said and done, you should add a batman and joker in for a great scene.
One of the things I love about competitions is the boost they give you to actually complete projects, so, with only a few days left I guess I should get a move on D-:

Decided the wall segments needed to be changed to something similar to Temporary Hire Fencing, so I'll be using bits of Fly Mesh instead of the wire stuff, and I just threw some undercoat on the two door-bits and clown-barbie's face.
[Image: 687850_sm-.JPG]
Looks like I'm going to have to pull some time out of a hat to finish this one! Big Grin
You're speaking out of my heart: this site is responsible for 75% of my projects being finished instead of ~15%. BTW: still like to see this thing develop.

A little colour here...
[Image: 688033_sm-.JPG]
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