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Full Version: Meanders: Giant Seamless Terrain Boards
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Hello Smile I'm creating large highly-detailed terrain boards called 'Meanders' that are designed to fit with one another left to right, top to bottom, to generate endless sprawling pathways for RPG adventures in a variety of terrains inc Forest, Jungle, Desert and Snow.

They are particularly intended for areas after leaving the tavern and before reaching the location of major quests - allowing players to wander the wilderness but also serve up a number of classic RPG tropes for situating major quests. They measure 27x18" each and allow you to change large sections of terrain around in seconds (and are modifiable in size) without changing many fiddly smaller tiles and still allow you to get a variety of different layouts per set.

They are available digitally as any four for $8 AUD in the Sampler Pack, $25 AUD for all sixteen core designs, and in a variety of other digital and printed options as well. They can be gridded or non-gridded with a variety of options available there. Also the printed boards are professionally printed, dry/wet erasable and the surface is coated with a tough scuff/soiling/liquid resistant layer.

This will be my 4th Kickstarter on the back of three successful ones trying to bring innovative products to the RPG community.

Meanders is now Live - hope to see you there Smile
On advice from some folk I've added a free join service to join the maps to each other and a $2 per Meander blend service so you can have Snow blended into Forest, or Desert into Jungle etc if you want a giant map with four seasons. There is more info in the campaign notes. Thank you guys Smile

Click here to check out the Meanders campaign on Kickstarter

[Image: 360dc0897f9417f0812ade12afd96e7e_origina...b0b98b021c]
Just $25 pledged to the Meanders campaign now offers a massive 32 core digital terrains measuring 27x18" ea - including fantasy city, village and gemstone caverns - not as stretch goals but just for funding. It's absolute madness, no other kickstarter has ever offered this much beautiful terrain for such an amazing price. Don't miss out.


[Image: 290a7b36644703dd1a76b6e4f1619f4c_origina...3e7d23a79f]
[Image: 7cee6402de77ba2d90ee6551a04f1e52_origina...adb693c259]
The $25 AUD pack for the PDFs...is that with and without the grid? Or is that the $45 set only?

Also, do the tiles still meet up ok if they are rotated by 180degrees? All the examples are of them all exactly the same way round.
With great thanks to the generosity of my 93 Backers, friends, family and the RPG Community - Meanders eclipsed my previous records for a campaign and is to be established as a signature design by GTW that can and will be built on with dozens of new designs to be released in 2017 to advance existing designs and expand into even more innovative territory.

With over 40 core designs for a highly affordable $25, Meanders succeeded in making it possible for anyone to enjoy owning them. However, for all the good features of a Kickstarter, it does not offer paypal and has the tendency to restrict backers to those with credit cards. This paypal pledger has been set up to assist backers who would like to buy Meanders but only have Paypal: for the next two weeks while I finalize designs this pledger will remain open with all funds going toward Stretch Goal totals - possibly resulting in even more designs being unlocked for rewards across the board.
Please note: this pledger only offers the three main (& most popular) digital pledges - for anything else you will need to contact me directly using the contact form. Thanks Smile

(11-05-2016, 12:25 AM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]The $25 AUD pack for the PDFs...is that with and without the grid? Or is that the $45 set only?

Also, do the tiles still meet up ok if they are rotated by 180degrees? All the examples are of them all exactly the same way round.

Hello Djmothra, sorry for the late reply - the $25 pack includes the PDFs both with and without the grid of your choice. And while you can rotate the tiles and match paths, they will not match up in places or as neatly in others - they are designed to appear randomly pathed which requires them to 'face' a particular direction and 'orbit' other tiles around them. 

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