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The theme of the 11th competition is to make something that shows 2 different opposite adjectives!

Opposite Examples: Old/New, Ruined/Pristine, Under Construction/Finished, Natural/Man Made, Natural/Unnatural, Ancient/Futuristic.... really the list is endless!

Some example build ideas:
A Bridge that is being constructed or refurbished - half is done, the other half not yet.
Half of a building - one half fully functional the other half in ruins or bombed out.
A Modern Building (Stadium) next to a shanty town/ favela or shack.

No limits on base size or height.

Bonus points for having the Number 11 somewhere on the build!

Happy Crafting!
This sounds pretty cool. I'm in. Already have my idea.
I'm in!


I will have to come up with something.
I am usually spoiled for ideas for these but not so well provided with time.

This time the ideas are scarce on the ground. Huh

Wet vs Dry would work!
(09-03-2016, 09:26 PM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Wet vs Dry would work!

If I tried doing an island...
  • With a plasticard base that was clear but painted to look like water, shallows, reef. 
  • But in the middle beach sand, hills, rocks, trees, etc. built atop the plastic. 
Hmmm I want to complete / build a new long canal section for my necroboard.

Would some kind of complete section, with a ruined leaking section be acceptable?
Hhhhmm, the instant I read the ancient/futuristic example my mind immediately came up with an idea... I might need to jump on this one, too. Smile
CWO - sounds acceptable.

Melly, glad you can join us Boss Smile


Plans changed slightly now to a new and old bridge on a canal section.
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