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Full Version: 48 Hour Sale on Fantasy Rooftop Set
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Special Offer: For the Next 48 Hours - GTW is offering massive savings and 25% off its Deluxe Fantasy City Rooftops in both Mat and Board selections. Each set contains 82 Double-Sided Mats with Day and Night Rooftops with a huge assortment of buildings including Prison, Cathedral, Forge, Warehouse, Brothel, Dock, High Street, Clustered Roofs, Thieves Guild, Manors, Tower, Bandits Hideout, Houses, Huts, Streets, Guard Towers, Dark Alleys and almost 200 hundred custom tiles with bridges, stairs, chimneys, crates, barrels, chimneys and loads more. Everything you need for Rooftop City Adventure! Offer ends 11 Aug 2016.

Mat Set: now $135.00 USD from $180.00
Wet/Dry Erase Board Set: now $206.25 USD from $275

25% Off Fantasy City Rooftops from GTW