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Full Version: RPG Coins: The Gilded Coffer Offer
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Check out my latest kickstarter, the Digital Coin Forge. Everything you need to design your own custom 2D RPG coin designs. Templates, textures, shapes, graphics, instructions - the lot!

As a gamer and a problem solver, my focus on innovation is to deliver ways of doing things that require minimal work that anyone can learn to use within minutes. With this specially designed kit you can rapidly put THOUSANDS of coin styles together in dozens of materials/metal textures and print as many as you need. And most importantly - customize them to include YOUR names, locations, persons, dates and denominations and details that fit any of your RPG worlds. All you need is Photoshop/GIMP or another artistic program that uses layers and my kit supplies the rest. My guide will teach you in minutes how to easily assemble thousands of designs custom made for any game you're running so you can print out as many custom-made coins as you need.

While there are some companies that print RPG currencies and metal coins - None of them offer you the ability to CUSTOMIZE the coins to suit your world like the Digital Coin Forge does. With my digital design kit, in just a few minutes you can craft sets of coins to print in specific colours/textures/styles/shapes/sizes/fonts and put the names and images of your Kings, your Fantasy Lands/Worlds, your Year Dates, your Denominations or even your or custom Faces on them where you want them when you want them. Isn't it time people knew you were King?


[Image: 89d7c0_b093eec8b91243e5b39f820b9d7137a0~mv2.webp]

Kind Regards,
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