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Full Version: The Woods, celtic tabletop roleplay launch
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Hi everybody. I'm excited to announce that the first sourcebook for SystemMech, the chance-free tabletop roleplay system, will be available for pre-order from tomorrow, 1st July. The Woods: Secrets of Shandisholm journeys to the lowlands of the Mortal Realm where the hidden war between the Fae and the Myeri impacts the lives of the tribal Tuatha.

Believe the tales they told you… every word is true.

There are trees in the heart of the forest older than mortal memory.

They have seen the coming of the demons from the sea, the one-eyed creatures pursued by the great evil.

They have seen the Fair Folk dance across the void, filling the land with their servants.

They have seen cruelty, violence and fear.

Still they watch, as the mortals rebuild their world, and countless strange and terrible creatures watch along with them from the darkness of the woods.

[Image: for%2Bthursday.jpg]

[font=Calibri]Across the Void they came- the World Dancers, the Fine Folk, The Fae. Beautiful but cruel twisters of fate. They dragged their slaves along with them, all manner of strange folk flowing through the gates from distant planes and into the Mortal Realm. There they found two races living. The cyclopean Myeri they drove into the swamps, taking from them the source of their power. The primitive Tuatha they adopted as their protégés, but the Tuatha learnt fast. Too fast.[/font]

[font=Calibri]Secrets of Shandisholm transports you to the world of The Woods, where folklore is more than superstition and where fate weaves intricate webs around its inhabitants. Inside you’ll find a detailed account of the forests, fens and plains of the Mortal Realm and the creatures that live there, both natural and other-worldly. The book contains profiles, skills and items for roleplaying adventures in this setting, ideas for narratives, scenarios and characters and a comprehensive guide to modelling and painting miniatures and scenery.[/font]

[font=Calibri]Secrets of Shandisholm uses Oakbound Studio’s SystemMech rules, a system where no dice are rolled and no cards drawn. The only element of chance lies in the actions of the other players and careful planning and strategy are needed to succeed. SystemMech’s simple principles and versatile action tables allow your adventures to unfold in any direction you can imagine and create an immersive roleplay experience more comprehensive than the usual hack and slash. Secrets of Shandisholm has a unique Fateweaver Action table, introducing an original concept of magic its world of Celtic myth.[/font]

[font=Calibri]Secrets of Shandisholm is available to pre-order at Oakbound.co.uk from July 1st. You can also download the complete SystemMech core rules from the website. Look out for the new boxed sets of The Woods miniatures coming this summer. [/font]