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Full Version: Something New!
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5 HOURS!!!

Get those entries posted!!!

GO! GO! GO! Big Grin
Wow these things wrap up and end so fast.... Confused
Tell me about it. I JUST managed to get a single tree finished in time to take and post pictures. I definitely cut it close!
Congratulations all. Smile

Thank you for participating in this contest and for sharing your work with us.

Now on to the difficult part. Having to vote... Big Grin

Good luck everyone. I learned something new from every project, so I feel like I already won. And I didn't build anything. Tongue
Did I miss something? Voting is closed already only after 1 or 2 days?
Once you vote, you see the results of the poll and you can't vote again.

Is that what's happening to you? Or are you unable to vote at all?
Cannot vote at all Sad
I've PM-ed Melly to see what's going on with the voting. Hopefully we'll have an answer soon.
Should be fixed now! Please try again. Sorry for the mix up.
Cool. I had the same problem too.

Here's my thoughts:

Modular Dungeon Tiles: I love how these turned out. Using the brown under the drybrushing really brought the extra rocky feel and it's something I will have to steal for my own stuff - I tend to do shades of grey and everything just looks grey. The smaller detail stuff was pretty neat too.

Bean Build: This is also a really cool technique but I felt that this piece wasn't quite finished. I would have liked to have seen some extra details (plants, vines etc) and maybe a coloured wash put over the "mortar" so it didn't look so white. For me, the drybrushing of the roof kinda stole my eye and looked way more finished than the stones themselves.

Desert Oasis: I voted for this one almost entirely based on the way the cracked mud flats turned out. The water was a good attempt but looked a little dark. The tree concept was pretty cool but didn't look quite finished where the tree met the pine cone. But the mudflats looked super realistic.

Having said all that, take it with a grain of salt because I couldn't actually find the time to churn anything out. I was hoping to have a crack at a balsa wood mordheim building but didn't get very far at all.
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