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Full Version: Goat demon (okay, not a demon.)
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My friend really likes goats and I tried to make them a goat uh... thing. I was told it kind of looks like a jackal. I never said I could sculpt animals. But hey, I tried, and it's not THAT bad. I've only sculpted fish and stuff before or made little mini food and stuff. Sculpting goats is sort of a new thing for me. 

The face could use a little work and got lost in the wool flocking I made but it's the thought that counts? I guess next time I find myself sculpting friggin goats I'll try to improve on that. The build, in terms of terrain, is pretty simple actually but I like it. And I did really like my mushrooms. That's the big success point for me on this one. : )

(Sorry about all the watermarks. I had them online and stuff.)

[Image: 12710970_10153503587014422_5130505976810412400_o.jpg]

[Image: 12719380_10153503587019422_6324865380508954572_o.jpg]

[Image: 12694681_10153503587004422_4035518648309712081_o.jpg]

[Image: 12657386_10153503587084422_8597395182332797237_o.jpg]

(I want to try to make one of those static grass chargey standy-the-grass-up things some time. That'd be cool.)
I think you did extremely well, especially given the scale you were working in. I didn't realize how small it was until we got the pencil/mushroom comparison.

Most goats do have hairs that are a bit shorter. If the most proud "strays" could somehow be trimmed (lighter flame maybe?) or slicked down (fingertip/tiny brush with glue/hairspray?), that could help with the over all look. Proper fur at the scale you chose is such a challenge. Maybe super-fine flocking would have worked better, but I like the look of the fur as strands that you achieved.

As far as the overall look goes, I think it's quite close. I especially like the ears. Smile
You've got the rounded sides to the belly that goats have and the tail. Goats do tend to have a longer face/skull. The current proportions look spot on for a cow/calf though. Big Grin

I salute the skill and generosity behind this project. Well done. Smile
Thanks, yes, you're right, the face is kind of off. The hardest part for me there is that I think I got off on the wrong foot by trying to do a wire and tinfoil frame. Once I realised I wanted to adjust it some, I found I couldn't really move the frame without wrecking all the work and sort of just moved forward anyway. The fact that it even came out that well was great for me because I honestly really was not expecting much! Mostly what disappoints me is the face. I felt open eyes would look creepy (since I wasn't really set up to make quality eyes and they'd be painted with thick acrylic craft paint) but the head isn't really laying down properly on the arms (hoofs? Leggy bits?) like the reference picture I used. (See difficulty moving the frame whinescuse above.)

And yes, finer flocking no doubt would have been better at that scale. I'm, however, one of those many people who you'd describe as "frighteningly low income" and so I don't very often get new supplies and I don't actually have a ton of terrain stuff-- that's why most of the things I make probably look pretty similar! I sort of DIYed the flocking in this piece by trying to finely cut wool roving used for needle felting, which I already owned. I try to explore DIY options as much as possible, actually. I mean, for some things it makes sense. (like... really? Buy dirt and rocks? Maybe for bigger pieces but I'm almost always making tiny things! haha) I think it would be great to have more flocking in the future. I got the pink and blue flocking I used for my current terrain because I had the good fortune to find a 1$ bottle of pink and got the blue in a lot of nail polish I got from a local buy and exchange. : ) I was like... dude. Bonus!!! Terrain stuff!! (Seriously, why would you flock your fingernails??? Apparently some people do.)

As for making any changes, I'm afraid it's too late since I already gave it to my friend. They also did something creative for me and included an image based on one of my personal habits in their art book zine thing. https://www.amazon.com/Out-Habit-Collection-Liminal-Spaces-ebook/dp/B01H4G2JMO I think it's fun when you have creative friends. : 3