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Ok, I'm in for this comp. This has been on my list of stuff to do for a while and have even started to collect stuff for it.

I'm going to make a Mini Display Base & Diorama for my Dwarven Miner Themed FrostGrave Warband.

[Image: 20160418_130627-jpg.7605]

This is all I have right now of them, I have another 7 minis still on the sprue - so i'll have 15 in total (so I can swap out henchman as and when)

I'm going to use a block of wood as the base (exact dimension escape me right now, but it's a little smaller than a bit of A4 Paper and about 1/2" thick) and make it look like the outside of a Mine entrance. Will have a Cart Track and maybe a frost covered Pine tree too along with suitable mining stuff (picks lanterns etc) Similar to this below.

[Image: imag0120-jpg.3767]

I'll be adding about 15 or 16 square 'holes' in ground so that the figures can sit in snugly and hide the base they are on.
If I have any 'holes' that are not filled, I may make some spare ones so I can also use this as a backdrop for taking pics of minis (or just 'premake' the bases for the next 7 minis that i'll make Smile )

[Image: imag0457-jpg.5952]

As I have said, this will just be a display base diorama so it do not need it to work on the gaming table.

I have made a few doodles on some paper on the layout - I have to decide on which one, so i'll post later.

Thoughts? C&Cs? Stuff? Big Grin
(05-07-2016, 01:01 AM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Thoughts? C&Cs? Stuff?  Big Grin

For the unused holes: you could make some "objective markers" by gluing various items to spare bases.

List of ideas: 
  • a chest
  • a boulder ( <== by far the simplest and least effort)
  • a small tree
  • a shrub
  • a sign post that names the mine
  • a dwarven 'oathstone'
  • a brazier
  • a stack of crates
Something attached to the spare base, that is filling in an unused slot for a mini, will also serve as a handle that will help lift the base out once you get more figures painted up.

All of the above could prove useful as scatter terrain.
Awesome! great ideas - I'll have about 15 or 16 Squares that'll fit perfectly into the holes that I have just made too.

Thanks for the Ideas...will def get used Big Grin
Great idea!
So, I've at last got round to starting this - quiet time at home is perfect Smile

So, first up is a quick doodle of my idea - you'll see how it pans out below - I do increase the size a little.
[Image: 20160604_141858-jpg.8054]

Get the Dwarves that I have and draw round their bases to make sure they all fit ok.
[Image: 20160604_141911-jpg.8055]

Start cutting out the different levels - I'm using 5mm PVC Foamboard (as usual)
[Image: 20160604_143438-jpg.8056]

Pop the Dwarves back in!
[Image: 20160604_145209-jpg.8057]

Polystyrene foam to make the start of the rock faces - don't worry, i'll cover them.
[Image: 20160604_152058-jpg.8058]

Currently sat drying - I'll do some PVA Glue and newspaper for the rock faces, then add smooth the contours a little.

I'll add the track and rails later on.

C&C welcome and appreciated.
Rockface papered and spackled (well, some kind of plastery stuff that hardens Smile ) Also smoothed out the ledges.

[Image: 20160605_204433-jpg.8071]

I may possibly add some more, we'll see in the morning.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Some Crystal clumps drying on my balcony. Made from left over Dwarf sprue.

[Image: 20160608_134044-jpg.8104]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Sprues do make some good crystal clumps. I have a boatload of fluro green sprues left over from some GW necrons. Have never found the right project for then though...
Crystal clumps placed - I'm only having a few here as the minis themselves have some on their bases.

I also have a few more things to add (Picks, mushrooms) which I'll do later on.

[Image: 20160610_090754-jpg.8108]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated
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