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Full Version: Unexploded Bomb
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For this competition I decided to build another small piece for post-apocalyptic gaming, an unexploded atomic bomb.
I wanted the bomb to look similar to the old “Fat Man” design and as luck would have it I found a bag of 35mm long Styrofoam eggs meant for Easter decorations so I used one for the body of the bomb.
[Image: 25918096683_c7ab45f6f0_z.jpg]
For the tail fin assembly I used the cap off a soy sauce container and some 1mm card.  I considered sanding down the caps ridges but decided that they added character and made aligning the fins much easier so I left them on.
[Image: 26520973495_95556fd518_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520973025_77a8806442_z.jpg]

[Image: 26248120300_7512488795_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520971615_12e32aefab_z.jpg]
For the impact crater I used a 95mm diameter piece of 3mm MDF and some scrap Styrofoam.  After sanding and gluing it into place it was textured with a mix of sand and kitty litter.
[Image: 26495021636_74dfe8a4b2_z.jpg]

[Image: 26495021346_4cdc4a7bb0_z.jpg]
I decided to add a bit of Mojave Desert vegetation and went with a young Pinyon Pine.  The tree sprue is from a Korean company but since I can’t read Hangul characters I have no idea what it’s called.  The sprue was painted a mid-grey and then washed with raw sienna and then given a light drybrush of grey.  The outer branches were then given a coat of PVA and then some Woodland Scenics olive green underbrush was used for the foliage.
[Image: 26428635152_498c4c0a93_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520958315_bc68b47229_z.jpg]

Next up, painting, assembling and detailing.
Hahaha, I have a WWII-era 500 lb "practice bomb" that my grandfather had from his time in the Army Air Corps during the war. Your tail-fin is pretty much spot-on!
Last minute sneak attack entry?

I'm doing the same....
(04-19-2016, 02:20 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [ -> ]Last minute sneak attack entry?
Sadly no.  The less interesting parts of life have been getting in the way of posting anything on line till now, well that and my internet connection having a terrible tendency to just drop out after only a couple of minutes for a week or so but now it seems to be back to its usual crappy standard so I can post again.
The assembled bomb was sealed with PVA glue and when dried, sprayed matt black.  A section towards the front of the bomb was cut off to make the bomb appear partially buried in the ground.  Fine sand was glued on to areas where extra heavy rusting has occurred.   The bomb was then painted with a red oxide colour then given a series of orange, red and brown washes and drybrushes until I thought it looked corroded enough.  Then the bomb was glued into the impact crater.

[Image: 26281609860_194c3434ef_z.jpg]
A hole was punched in the crater rim by the tail end of the bomb and the pinyon pine glued in place and then some used black tea leaves were glued around the base of the pine and on the top of the bomb to represent an accumulation fallen pine needles.

[Image: 26554483135_c396a6e57c_z.jpg]

To finish up some small plants and little details were added as will be seen in the final entry pictures.
(04-19-2016, 01:47 PM)Munin Wrote: [ -> ]Hahaha, I have a WWII-era 500 lb "practice bomb" that my grandfather had from his time in the Army Air Corps during the war. Your tail-fin is pretty much spot-on!

If only my grandfather had been able to do the same, but even a practice aerial torpedo would be a bit difficult to make off with.