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Full Version: Soloman Temple Squares: Map Making made easy!
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Hi all. I've just launched a little kickstarter that offers a compact dungeon map making tool kit. It's called Solo-man's Temple Squares and consists of 70 2x2" room and passage tiles you fit together to make dungeon arrangements and includes 140 coloured and numbered Map Marker Tokens to place down on the rooms to mark Events, Obstacles, Monsters, Encounters, Items, Weapons, Room Type and Content etc. The Temple Squares are double-sided and I hope to add a cool dungeon texture to all of the Squares to make them even better. You can make an entire map in minutes, make notes using your markers, and when you are done just take a photo and you have a dungeon map ready to go. You can easily change token locations and rooms/passages if need be, and add more. Perfect for both random and custom dungeon making.
It's just a little project to help buy me an ergonomic mouse, keyboard and comfier chair on account of all the time I am spending at my desk making terrain and other things now for RPG. If you need a handy little tile set to construct dungeons easily and quickly that is portable, affordable and can be gotten digitally for $9 - please take a look at Soloman Temple Squares.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott


[Image: photo-original.png?w=1024&h=576&fit=fill...d9ebad427d]
I am seeking again to fund a concept called Soloman Temple Squares, which I have made major and multiple changes to and relaunched: now it is like Geomorph Tiles on Steroids.

The tiles are available in 12 different textures, there are over 144 different tile types, and they are available in kits of seventy-two as 2x2" tiles or 8x8" mats and boards. Each kit has coloured tokens so you can build and mark your maps locations, events, items, encounters etc, take a photo and bam - you have a map - then you can rebuild your masterpiece in large playable scale, or simply start building straight away with the 8x8"s. The tiles are gridded, double-sided, available in digital and printed and professionally printed. Not only all this, but you can choose the texture for both sides, and if you get in first, all the tiles that go into your kit themselves.
I have worked very hard to create a product that is genuinely innovative, affordable ($9 for our cheapest pledge), durable, portable AND playable, and solves an age old problem of map making whilst looking stylish as it does it in a way to suit most dungeon-creators.

Soloman Temple Squares are now live on Kickstarter:
Soloman Temple Squares on Kickstarter

If you struggle with making Dungeon Maps - this is the kit for you. And if you're seeking playable dungeon surfaces this is also the kit for you - and if you're seeking a way to make mini maps and then play on them? This is definitely the kit for you!
It looks pretty good. Nice the way the options work. The name evokes the first temple at Jerusalem for whatever reason. Which is OK.

[Image: 59a6e6c5fbb77dc11b29b8c312ab66c8_origina...ef6f89b4dd]
I can't work out why this image is missing the 144th tile. 9 rows. 16 per row. Would have been 144 but for the last row having only 15. Still deciding on the last tile?

That last one could be a 2 square wide hall that dead-ends in a square room. (Like third row, 9th tile, but square instead of round. Nevermind, that would be almost the same as first row, 9th tile.)

[Image: 6267387809f9978f285cd60a5408e97c_origina...03de2db4a3]
Caption on Texture 6 needs a do over.
Thanks Pendrake - you don't miss a thing. The missing tile was supposed to be a "..." as the byline asks 'More to Unlock?'.
Entirely missed that texture 6 text - a case of working too closely with the project and not seeing the obvious - though I did have others cast their eye over before launch - we missed that one. Both since ammended and thank you for the feedback and repair notes. The project is doing well so far.

Kind Regards,
Did you miss the Soloman Temple Square kickstarter? Funding at 144%The Ultimate Dungeon Kit: an inexpensive solution for high-resolution, themed Random & Custom Dungeons is almost here.

More than 32+ tile themes in over 144 designs to choose from to suit your needs and build-style. Just $10 USD for a digital kit of seventy-two 8x8" or 2x2" + digital number token markers.

Print out as many as you need and build gigantic dungeons in seconds. Mark your map with the tokens and make your notes.
Easily indicate dungeon levels or themes.

Small enough to use on your desk or in a drawer at work, portable enough to take along with you, perfect for making a blueprint before upscaling to the larger playable 8x8"s.

Coming soon to Game Tile Warehouse.com.
Pre-order through PM and get a second set free until October 1st.

[Image: photo1.jpg]
[Image: photo2.jpg]