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(02-25-2015, 06:25 AM)trollmeat Wrote: [ -> ]Any competition that inspires something that I can use in my carnival is good. Smile

Just going through the list of ones before the reboot.
-Moving Parts
-Eating Establishment
-Flora and Fungi
-Places of Trade
-Dangerous Terrain

"No Foam Allowed" should be easy for me, just don't say "no old toys, no cardboard & no wood" Tongue

I once made a windmill... and am ork tower with lowering bridge and wheels
https://www.facebook.com/FoofighterubuWargameTerrainStudio?ref=hl  that turned...
Feel free to just refer to me by 'they' not 'she' Smile I don't identify as a woman. Thanks! And yes, I think we have a plan!
Side by side
At bay

Tossing ideas out I think would suit any builder.
Some ideas - a few from the old site.

Beauty on the Battlefield

Don't Look Down


1" base (return of a favourite?)
I have an idea for a contest. "It's What's Inside That Counts". It's a concept I like a lot. Hiding a mini scene inside an ordinary object. A few examples below.

Pocket watch forest.

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