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Full Version: Smuggler's Cove
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I've been waiting patiently for the brief for this competition, so let's get stuck in with an opening within an opening with an opening, by that I mean a cave in a cove with an opening in the cliff to get to it  Big Grin

This is the biggest and trickiest piece of terrain I have attempted, and it is also the first time I have worked with foam as thick as this (courtesy of a customer from work who didn't scroll down an attachment and sent me 4 lengths of foam as way of an apology) so it is a bit of a learning curve...and a bloody one at that as I already have 6 cuts on my hand where the craft knife slipped. Anyway, enough with the waffle, progress.

I started off by taking a piece of my 1 cm thick foam and roughly marked out the shape of the internal cove/bay area

[Image: DSCN2325.jpg]

I then spent some time carving out the area in which the water will sit and shaping the beachline

[Image: DSCN2326.jpg]

Next, I took some of my thicker foam, cut two pieces of approximately the length of the width of the base and carved them to the rough shape I wanted

[Image: DSCN2327.jpg]

I then carved out some rough shapes for the edges of the cove and glued the pieces in place using PVA (not the most secure I know but it was that or my glue gun and I'm not fast enough for that haha)

[Image: DSCN2328.jpg]

Finally, for today, I carved out the final edge which will almost enclose the cove.

[Image: DSCN2329.jpg]

These last pieces will be glued in place later, once I have carved out my cave and done some rough shaping around the rest of the cliff as it will be tricky to get in there once the final edge is in place. I am thinking of adding some little details towards the end of the build, but we shall see if I have the time/patience later on.
(12-31-2014, 03:52 PM)vampyrevenom Wrote: [ -> ]an opening within an opening with an opening


So far so good. Large chunks of foam can be intimidating at first but they are very versatile. The more you play with it, the easier it will become. I look forward to watching this one come together.
Do I spy a ship's cat hiding in that middle picture?
If so, What's 'is name?
A hotwire tool would be handy, I guess.
Time for an update. I haven't got as much done as I would have liked to have at this point, I've been trying to find actors, script writers etc to no avail, but on to what I have got done.

So, I dug myself a cave, which will be painted to give the impression it's deeper than it is

[Image: DSCN2339.jpg]

Then I started sculpting the cliffs, the end piece on the right is a different rock than the rest

[Image: DSCN2341.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2342.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2342-1.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2343.jpg]

I then added my last side

[Image: DSCN2344-1.jpg]

I may do this final side the same as the right hand piece to explain why it hasn't completely eroded away. Once that is sculpted, I will go in with some clay and tidy up the gaps and seams between the different pieces of foam.

Pendrake, the only cats are (unfortunately) the one on my lap tray and a couple of ornaments, I don't have a big enough place for pets, it's difficult making room for my make shift film studio (which is just a piece of fabric on the wall and a camera on a tripod not really far enough away lol)

Alabastero I have my eye on getting hotwire tools in the future, just need the funding and have more important things to get first, bigger house, newer car that's not French, costume and film equipment etc

I should get more done on this soon, if I don't get too many ideas for acting projects (although these are going on the back burner for now as I don't have many more projects I can work on alone)
Looking good so far! Your rock texture looks nice; I can't wait to see it painted.
I couldn't let this go unfinished, not when there was so little to do...so enter rapid paint job.

Starting with a brown base coat, I painted the chalk cream

[Image: DSCN2358.jpg]

Which I drybrushed white

[Image: DSCN2360.jpg]

I then drybrushed various shades of brown onto the lumpy rock

[Image: DSCN2361.jpg]

I then painted the water using a mix of pale blues, greens and white before coating in gloss varnish

[Image: DSCN2362.jpg]

I then roughly grassed the top of the chalk and put some tufts in crevices

[Image: DSCN2372.jpg]

Before sanding the beach

[Image: DSCN2364.jpg]

I finished by brushing away the excess sand.

[Image: DSCN2371.jpg]

C'est Fini  Smile