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Full Version: Tapatalk support
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I've been enjoying reading Terragenesis over the years, although I find less time for terrain-related activities than I'd like, personally...

I'd like to suggest adding support for Tapatalk, which is a (the?) way of reading forums on mobile devices. There's a myBB module available (here: https://tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php?plugin=mybb), though I have no experience nor knowledge on how to actually go about installing it.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!
Interesting - that could be of some value. Do you know of a forum using this currently? I've viewed this site on my phone and it never really occurred to me that it might be an option. I'd like to see how it differs with this plug in. Thanks for the suggestion!
Yeah, I do Melly - YakTribe Gaming (aka Yakromunda - a minis & terrain site dedicated to 28mm skirmish games) uses Tapatalk - I personally don't though, but lots of forum users there do use it.

Warseer, Bugman's Brewery and Warhammer-empire.com are a few examples, though I don't know if any of them are MyBB forums.

Tapatalk is a reader app you can install for free (Play store, Apple store). So you'll use it to read the forums, not a browser. When a forum supports tapatalk (via the module) it gets added into Tapatalk's directory of forums (automatically?) and can be found via their search using keywords like 'wargames' 'terrain' etc. So Tapatalk is not a way of making a forum mobile-friendly via the browser, but I think there must be a MyBB module for that, too, if you prefer. I tried terragenesis.uk via phone. While it's not the worst layout for mobile I've ran across, I felt a constant need to pinch-zoom to be able to hit links etc.

Tapatalk is especially useful for checking latest new messages on many forums, without having to explicitly navigate to each. The drawback is that you lose the ability to display ads to Tapatalk users, though I don't know if Tapatalk have their own ad programs but that's probably too much trouble than it's worth with your current user base. I think it will not be a problem, at least I use both Tapatalk and browser equally, and ease of access tends to help keeping readers coming back, whatever the device they're currently on...
Asrai.org also use it. I use Tapatalk so it would be easier for me to post crap on here, especially WIP as I hope there is the ability to directly upload?