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Full Version: Highly hazardous goo pool of hazardousness
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Apologies for the title. And sorry to Seth (this will be a similar entry).

I am going to do a second smaller entry (just in case). This will fit with my last entry and be an overflow pipe leaking goo into a pool.

I'm planning on doing the goo the same reddish/orange colour but I'll try and do it a little differently this time. Last time, I used layers of tinted PVA glue which worked ok. This time, I will paint the base layer, then varnish over the top and then add a layer of tinted PVA (So I can get streaks and swirls). I'm hoping this works better.

[Image: 20160302_163430.jpg]
This piece has taken a bit of a back seat - I have literally gotten as far as finding some MDF for the base. Although, I did watch a youtube vid on how to make swaps... so plenty of ideas for this one.
I love the title! I love that it fits with the last one - I have 0 problems with this idea.
Blocky :: if you made the back end of this goo pool piece (the part that is out of frame to the left in your sketch) a flat, straight edge, this piece could butt up to any exterior wall of the dangerous factory of dangerousness. It could be a little optional modular add-on.
I was really hoping I would at least get this entry up and running, but unfortunately it's not going to happen. See my other competition entry for list of excuses...
Your unlisted excuses - make me envious...