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Full Version: Comp VIII: Final Enteries (Ended)"
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Please post your final entries to the Dangerous Terrain in this thread.

Be sure to give yourself enough time before the close of the competition in case there are any issues posting. This thread will be LOCKED at the end of the day, Thursday, April 21st. (Ended)

Final entries should be entered with photos that are large, crisp, and well lit. Members will be allowed a maximum of 5 photos per entry. Competition submissions also require a brief description of the materials used, completed size, intended final purpose and a link to your WIP thread.

Observers are encouraged to give comments & critiques in the user's WIP thread in an effort to keep this thread organized with submissions only. Voting will be open for 5 days after the entry deadline. Good luck!
Booby Trap

Description :

This was a quick piece thrown together over a couple of days. My gaming group play a lot of Warhammer Triumph and Treachery. There is one scenario included in that expansion, that involves capturing a treasure from the center of the board (and getting away with it). So to add extra depth to the game, I came up with the idea of a terrain piece that presents an extra challenge. Models moving onto the stones will face a random diceroll to determine whether or not they get skewered.

It was inspired by Indiana Jones & The Raiders Of The Lost Ark - though after watching the movie for inspiration yesterday afternoon - I realized that I am in fact remembering it wrong. This spike-from-the-ground trap, is actually only found in the live Indiana Jones Stunt show at Disney World.

The piece stands 10cm tall at it's tallest point, and 25cm wide.  

I included the skewered corpse as a warning to future trespassers.

Materials used :

Foamcore - base and staircase
Insulation foam - hill, tiles and plinth
Plastic plants, flock, lychen - the jungle
A couple of toothpicks - spikes  
some random skeletal bits from my bitz box - the idol and corpse.
generous helpings of PVA glue, paint and hot glue.

Link To WIP Thread

Pictures :
[Image: 26557690765_9ac49452d9.jpg]
[Image: 25954651823_29158a825e_c.jpg]
[Image: 26557566915_6cc7fddd61_c.jpg]
[Image: 26284684300_b0dc8e1b7a_c.jpg]
[Image: 26465230802_8a29737147_c.jpg]

For this competition I decided to build another piece of post-apocalyptic terrain for 28mm scale gaming, an unexploded atomic bomb.  The bomb is ancient and rusty and a tree has even grown on the rim of the impact crater in the years since the bomb fell.  Just in front of the bombs nose is a skeleton, still clutching an old cowboy hat.
The inspiration for the bomb design was the Mark 3 “Fat man” bomb, mainly because I think the design is iconic and looks more interesting than later designs.
The bomb itself is made from a 35mm Styrofoam egg that is supposed to be used for Easter decorations, some 1mm card and the cap from a takeaway soy sauce bottle.  The heavy rust is fine sand.  The paintjob is a base colour of red oxide with assorted washes and dry brushes of brown, orange and red.

The impact crater is made from a circle of scrap Styrofoam covered in a mix of sand and kitty litter and painted with mainly ochre and sandstone paints.

The tree is a tree sprue from a Korean company with Woodland Scenics olive green underbrush for foliage and was made to resemble a young Pinyon pine.  The leaf (pine needle) litter is used black tea leaves.  The yellow grass tufts are by Mini Natur.  A combination of bits from Mini Natur, Woodland Scenics, 4Ground and some material used by florists were used to create the desert flowers.

The skeleton was painted to look like dusty bleached bones and the cowboy hat was painted white and then washed with brown and spatted with grey to give it a dirty aged look.*

The entire piece is 95mm in diameter and 65mm from base to the top of the tree.

[Image: 26281605080_ca23c62117_z.jpg]
The bomb in all its glory.

[Image: 26462141952_356e81082d_z.jpg]
Another view of the bomb.

[Image: 26281596040_a8cb2b2aa8_z.jpg]
Close up of the bomb.

[Image: 25951555143_db4dfdfff2_z.jpg]
Birds eye view.

[Image: 26554458815_6cb92f23eb_z.jpg]
Skeleton, desert flowers and bomb tail fin details.


*The skeleton with the cowboy hat is, of course, a pop culture reference to Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the bomb”.
Ugh -- I completely forgot to post the poll...
Voting is NOW open and will be for 4 days until the end of the month. Sorry for the delay. The next comp theme can be announced a few days late to compensate, if need be.

Good luck you two!