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Full Version: Geysers of Boiling Blood
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Ever since the Age of Sigmar rules came out for Geysers of Boiling Blood, I've been wanting to make a set of six "counters" for them.  Using dice as the rules suggest always end up with them getting picked up and rolled.

The challenge will be to make them more interesting than a cone of dirt and dealing with such a small base (ATM I plan on using a 1.5" circle) could be limiting.

My inspirations thus far:

[Image: FlyGeyser8-5-28-2011.jpg]
[Image: 1082125728.jpeg]
[Image: neveda_geyser_10.jpg]
[Image: LoneStarGeyser.jpg]

I'm thinking an expanding foam spray will be the way to go to get that roundish geothermal rock look.
The middle 2 pics look exactly like they have been made from expanded foam. Looking forward to seeing how you make the geyser. I thinking (rather impractically) of the old baking soda volcanoes... may make a bit of a mess though.
Cut the bases.  I think the 1.5" circles are going to be too small to do anything interesting with, so I went ahead and cut some 2 inchers.  I'll do a couple of test pieces and see which work best for me, though I suspect it'll be the 2" ones.

[Image: ESmEZlc.jpg]