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Full Version: Abandoned Car
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For this competition I plan to build the remains of a car long abandoned in the desert/wastelands.

The car is from a single sprue of a model kit that I found abandoned in a car park (seems an appropriate place) and it will be based on a dud R/W DVD.
[Image: 23825965269_a0267519da_z.jpg]
The model sprue as originaly found (I think it's a Mazda RX7).

[Image: 24193775215_62541a7ecd_z.jpg]
The assembled car body.
Great Idea! Are there any identifying marks on the sprue itself, so we can find out the original model?
(01-08-2016, 12:13 AM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Great Idea! Are there any identifying marks on the sprue itself, so we can find out the original model?
None at all, but it is a right hand drive model, so of course I wanted one with left hand drive, still it's not a problem to move it.  
Since the car is going to be half buried in sand I cut a layer of packing foam to fit a CD (more salvaged stuff), then cut a hole the shape of the car and then cut and sanded the edges down.

[Image: 24303322966_715946a53d_z.jpg]

Then the cut out section was trimmed to fit into the car body.

[Image: 23961696669_ce92740edc_z.jpg]

[Image: 24329517315_e3f39aa4e9_z.jpg]

Since it seems to fit I'll start work on the car next.  
Wow, that's looking great. And so simple too! Smile
After a long delay caused by a combination of Christmas, New Years, Australia Day, Shutzenfest (lots of German beer), Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) and visiting relatives I've finally got the chance to post the rest of this entry.

The car model was undercoated and then painted up to look a rusty brown colour with some orange/red highlights and the faded remains of the original paint added in patches.

[Image: 24928114911_b64a62f479_z.jpg]

[Image: 24394533583_75f9ae16ca_z.jpg]

The styrofoam was coated in sand which was then painted ochre, washed with sandstone and drybrushed with a light sandstone.  Some heavy corrosion was added, by gluing on fine sand where the missing roof support should be and then painting it as rust.   

[Image: 24676560999_b3eb473c32_z.jpg]

As this car is supposed to be in the Mojave Desert I decided to add some appropriate vegetation.  I considered saguaro cactus, prickly pear and barrel cactus but that seemed too much of a stereotypical idea, so I went for something different, an Ocotillo plant.

I cut a number of varied lengths of wire, coated them in glue and covered them in fine green flock.  When it dried I added another coat of glue to the ends and covered that in a fine red flock to create the flower clusters.

[Image: 24994978266_69fb991ec0_z.jpg]

[Image: 24394681543_1e09260a19_z.jpg]

I punched a cluster of holes in the sand and glued the Ocotillo branches in place.

[Image: 25044189675_4e3c1967c5_z.jpg]

[Image: 24676556669_6816210978_z.jpg]

For additional detail and colour I added some tufts of yellow/yellowing grass (made by MiniNatur), some Sand Verbenas, a purple Mojave wildflower and a scattering of rocks (drybrushed kitty litter - New, NOT salvaged) 
[Image: 24676554819_eb85298928_z.jpg]

Final shot of the day, taken in the dying seconds of the golden hour. 

[Image: 24926126692_c77d484bd2_z.jpg]

It's pretty much finished but there's still almost a week to go so maybe something else will be added or not. 
Love it! Especially the Sand Verbenas.

Looks great. I like the weathering. It looks like a burned out car, which explains the missing glass, seats, etc and sells it, in my mind.
I asked a car modeling forum what kit the car is from.. I'll post the answer when I know.
The kit is a Kawai 1/38 Mazda RX-7
(02-18-2016, 09:55 PM)Lokis_Tyro Wrote: [ -> ]The kit is a Kawai 1/38 Mazda RX-7

Hey, I got the RX-7 bit right.

I'm quite impressed by the ability of some people to identify the manufacturer of the kit from just a small picture of a single unmarked sprue. Kudos to them.