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Full Version: Frostgrave Mirador Tower
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(01-31-2016, 01:48 AM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, the alphabet is virtually the same as ours - it does have one peculiarity though...it has two D's.

D / d is pronounced /jə/ (like the Y in Yellow)


Đ / đ is the standard /d/ or /di: /

Never a dull or boring day here Smile
They also have no Z, instead X is used for the Z sound. 

This is looking good so far, I'm looking forward to the final result.
As for the lamp it all comes down to your source light painting skills but as it is meant to be in an icy environment there would have to be lots of reflections and that's a lot of work to get it right (or that's what my inner sloth says).
Its supposed to be x=/s/ s=/ʃ/ and g=/z/ - but that's up in Hanoi - down south in Saigon* it's a little different.

(* Yes, Saigon - everyone knows it supposed to be Ho Chi Minh City, but no one down south calls it that)

We won't talk about the middle of the country, no one can understand them at all Big Grin

I might leave the lamp off - as its supposed to be a ruin / frozen / derelict city - and lamp hasn't been lit for years. Or maybe - as it's a (perhaps) a Mages tower - a Continual Light spell cast on it? dunno - i'll see how much time I have left.

Anyway, little update...Primed black.

[Image: imag0626-jpg.7007]

Plans for the base, I have some dead grass, some mushrooms - I might include a crystal or two and some Renedra Barrels. Anything else?

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)
[Image: imag0628-jpg.7008]

Started stippling on Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.
Better start stepping this one up a bit...

The rest of today's paint - the light is bad now, so I've stopped for the day.

Stippled on grey for the stone and the base rock.

[Image: imag0630-jpg.7011]

Then I stippled on the roof color.

[Image: imag0632-jpg.7012]

I re-blacked the windows with a normal brush for the next stage Smile

C&Cs welcome.
Maybe you could glue the lantern to the base. so that it looks like it fell from the beam.
Just 3 days to go - I better get a wiggle on! Smile

Not much here, I've since added the windows and started painting the lantern (which will be on)

[Image: imag0634-jpg.7044]

I'll take better pics tomorrow when it's light.

C&Cs welcome.
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