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After my utter poor attempts at the last 2 comps here - I'm actually going to put effort into this one...and entering twice!

Both pieces will be very similar in design and in materials - but hopefully will look strikingly different on the game board.

These will be used in the Skirmish game Frostgrave - so will have a semi-snow or ice covering over it to match my existing terrain.

First is the Observatory - here is rough sketch of what I want it to look like:
[Image: imag0557-jpg.6631]

Here is the first pic of the main materials used:
[Image: imag0558-jpg.6633]

It is based on an old scratched CD. The Polystyrene was packing from my TV (maybe? had it ages) The Pringles were eaten over Christmas and the top is the plastic cover to a Bubble Tea Drink (or a frappe...or something from a coffee shop! Smile ) The only other main component here will be some cardstock from an old cornflakes packet.

The Polystyrene has had the candle treatment to get rid of the bobbles and make it a little smoother and easier to paint.

This will be a similar build to my old Wizard Tower / Pen holder build many moons ago.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated!
Cut down the plastic Bubble Tea top and it fits perfectly!

Also, cut a door out from the artboard stuff I use. The top of the door is just under 4cm high. I'll add a mini for scale in the future.

[Image: imag0564-jpg.6644]

Also, you cannot see it (yet) but the slightly larger band around the bottom of the dome has a very nice raised cross-hatch pattern on it that will look great once I start throwing paint at it.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
*GASP* Confused I've actually done something for this build!

I've added some old newspaper to the rock base - used a 50/50 pva/water mix to glue it all down. I'll add the sand and other bits later before spraying.

[Image: imag0593-jpg.6828]

I've also added some tissue to the top of the observatory tower as I want it to be a different texture. I'll add some wooden beams there. The bottom part will be 'bricks'.

[Image: imag0592-jpg.6827]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
What is the top going to be painted to look like?

Some kind of metal?

I wonder if the timber framed wattle and daub would be able to support the weight...

I know that "fantasy setting" can be used to explain such things, but I would be tempted to us riveted steel beams instead of wood.

I am not at all familiar with the world of Frostgrave though.
You make a good point there...

Basically, Frostgrave is a city that has been frozen (literally) in ice for a thousand years and now its starting to thaw out - hence the wizards going there to find loot and knowledge.

A wattle and daub top might be a little unbelievable. Then again, this is fantasy - and i'm not a great one for sticking to the 'fluff' and i'll def use it for normal battle games and mordheim etcSmile

Steel /Metallic beams might look a little cooler too Smile

Regarding the top - i was thinking a brass color with the weathered green/blue look...is it verdigris or something?
Back from the countryside after Tet (aka Chinese New Year) - I haven;t done much here, just added some beams and a few bricks to the bottom part - along with glueing to the base with the sand.

[Image: imag0614-jpg.6952]

C&Cs welcome as always.
A little more...added some upright supports, the door (which has a small window) and a shield above the door.

[Image: imag0617-jpg.6955]

Also - used some corrugation around the top - to show that it can turn (it can't actually turn though) and (it's just tacked on) some cogs and whatnot...

[Image: imag0618-jpg.6956]

Next up...the 'opening' in the dome.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Oooh! Fancy!

It that the inside of a tape dispenser?
Yes, it is indeed the inside of one of those correction tape thingys Smile
(02-12-2016, 09:17 PM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, it is indeed the inside of one of those correction tape thingys Smile

I have the same parts stashed away in my bits-box. They nearly got used to build my engine. 
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