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Full Version: Scrounged and Salvaged
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For a change of pace this competition theme is to be based on the material used, the entry must be based around a piece of salvaged or scrap material.
It doesn’t matter what it is, Styrofoam packing, a broken toy, plastic container or broken/obsolete tech as long as it’s something that the less interesting (less weird) people would throw out as rubbish (or someone did throw out and you scavenged it).
Only the main construction needs to be salvaged material the rest of the build may be new materials.
Other than that build whatever you want in whatever size and scale you want.
Include a picture of the original salvaged part for comparison with the final creation.

Once again for an optional extra challenge include a sphere or dome of at least 25mm diameter.
Old Pringles tubes and say Kinder Egg casings would suffice? as scrap? ( I know they are stalwarts in model making, but 'the normals' usually just bin them!)

Currently making Frostgrave scenery - was thinking about some kind of ruined temple or tower - could have a dome on top of that maybe?
(01-04-2016, 10:08 PM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Old Pringles tubes and say Kinder Egg casings would suffice? as scrap?

Of course they're acceptable, just because they're a relatively common terrain building material but that doesn't mean they're not viewed as rubbish by most people.
Ok, i'm thinking something like these:

[Image: imag0557-jpg.6628]

2 buildings - the first having a smaller turret and the second being an observatory.

They are both based off old broken CDs with some foam under them to raise them up a bit - in fact, they will be very similar to my Wizards Tower / Pen holder that I made previously http://www.terragenesis.uk/showthread.php?tid=309

Seeing as I entered and then did nowt for the last two comps, I am definitely getting these done.

Question - as I'm making them together and they'll be extremely similar in design and materials used - just one entry?
(01-06-2016, 12:32 AM)djmothra Wrote: [ -> ]Question - as I'm making them together and they'll be extremely similar in design and materials used - just one entry?
Similar materials and basic design can still look very different when completed,  if they're both individual freestanding structures they can be two entries as long as there is a separate WIP and final entry for each one.
I say go for two entries.
Love it. That's always a tempting challenge. I couldn't help but start looking around the room for things I don't need anymore.Tongue
When will the final entry thread go up? My wife's birthday is this weekend and I don't know how much online time I'm going to have available.
(02-18-2016, 10:26 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [ -> ]When will the final entry thread go up?

I have no idea.  The the final entry section and associated poll is an admin function so we just have to wait  Sad.

I was in a similar situation for a past competition.  I was in Hong Kong four or five days before the competition closed and wouldn't be back till voting should have started so I did a full write up for the entry on Microsoft Word, made sure all the requirements were included (dimensions, materials used, planed purpose of the build, WIP link etc) and had a copy of the URL for each picture and stuck it on a USB drive that I took with me.  It only took a minute to check TG each day (on a hotel supplied smart phone (no roaming charges, Yay)) and when the final entry section was available I used the hotel computers to do a quick cut and paste and was done in less than five minutes.
If you can do the same you can at least minimize the time needed to post your final entry.
Good plan! Thanks.
Sorry for the delay folks -- it is up now.