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Full Version: Comp V: FINAL ENTRIES
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Please post your final entries to the Halloween Competition in this thread.

Be sure to give yourself enough time before the close of the competition in case there are any issues posting. This thread will be LOCKED at the end of the day, Wednesday, October 21st.
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Final entries should be entered with photos that are large, crisp, and well lit. Members will be allowed a maximum of 5 photos per entry. Competition submissions also require a brief description of the materials used, completed size, intended final purpose and a link to your WIP thread.

Observers are encouraged to give comments & critiques in the user's WIP thread in an effort to keep this thread organized with submissions only. Voting will be open for 5 days after the entry deadline. Good luck!
Abandoned Asylum

This entry was designed as a low relief building for 28mm urban settings.  As such its purpose is to help mark the table edge (and also be an entry point for nasty things in post-apocalyptic and horror style games).
The main structure is a simple box form made from 5mm foamboard with assorted card being used for the Art Deco features and the entrance doors.
The windows are a triple layer construction, the first being flyscreen painted up as rusting a security screen, the second layer is plastic packing lightly sanded with some cut to represent broken windows  and then given a dirty wash and the final layer is a print of actual abandoned asylum and hospital interiors.

The entry doors are made with a core of 1mm card and then several layers of 225gsm card were used to create the raised Art Deco features ( the closed door uses four layers and the fully open door has up to seven layers of card used).  Once assembled the doors were painted to look like corrosion coated bronze.  

The vestibule has a 2/3 height tiled wall with some tiles damaged or missing and the underlying grout showing through the holes.  The floor is also tiled but this pattern was designed and printed.  A print of a receding hallway was glued behind the inner doorway to give a sense of depth to the building.  Finally the floor was strewn with assorted rubbish including some of the fallen tiles, old paper and a toppled trash bin.

The basing is a section of 5mm cork tiling. The ground is a layer of sand painted in earthy colours.  The plant life, an assortment of static grass and grass tufts, some assorted clump foliage, some kind of florist decorative product was used for the weeds and finally the big bush was made from a Styrofoam core covered in lichen and then coated in flock.  The leaf litter is my usual mixture of assorted brown and green tea leaves, coffee grounds and random bits of organic debris.

The building is 100mm from base to roof plus 30mm of Art Deco embellishments.  The width is 180mm and the depth is 35mm not including the entry canopy or steps.  Finally the base is 300mm wide and 75mm deep.

Front view
[Image: 22204969771_e15b76e6ff_z.jpg]

Angled View
[Image: 22006606720_bb02eccbea_z.jpg]

Main Entry
[Image: 21573650143_e21829f6c0.jpg]
Doorway details
[Image: 21573652903_d844ed47c1_z.jpg]

[Image: 22006617370_726a92f2bd.jpg]

WIP Link

So... congratulations ExtraevilDave! I guess you did too well; you scared all the other entries away. Tongue
It is very nice. Will it ever get companion pieces EED?
That's a nice piece there EED! Think I mentioned already, I used to do a lot of Urbexing in abandoned asylums around the UK and this is spot on Smile

I was so snowed with work this month - I only started thinking about my entry last week - came here to see how much time and saw "ends in 2 days" oh... Sad
Well done EED, looks fantastic Smile

I had every intention on entering this comp, but the letting agency put a stop to that (and me making terrain for the foreseeable future  Angry ) by telling us that we have "too much stuff" that the house is "too cluttered" and basically telling us we need to have a clear out and get rid of things because a house designed as a bachelor pad/retirement dwelling is big enough for two young people who do more than watch TV all day....When my housemate and I have saved up the £4000 needed for deposit on a larger private rent property I'll be back making terrain with a vengance