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Full Version: Entry Comment and Feedback Thread
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Homage to Sophie (by BlueMeander): I think this marks BlueMeander's first entry into a TG competition, and man, was it awesome! It was an ambitious project and it was executed really well. The level of detail in the millinery is amazing! All of the little baubles, flowers, ribbons, tags, labels. Even the tiny corks in the tiny bottles of sequins. Unreal. The hats (both felt and woven) look fantastic.

For the TG oldsters among us, this entry felt very MUMSY-esque. If you're not familiar with MUMSY's work, trust me, that's a compliment!

Further, the "miniature in miniature" portion of the entry is a really neat concept - I don't think I'd ever have thought to do a window-view vista that way, but it's super cool. I like the texture and coloration of the buildings, the ironwork on the tiny bridge, etc. I think the outside vista itself could probably stand to be lit a little better, but that's a photography issue, not an execution issue (and to be fair, one of the photos does show it very will-lit). From top to bottom, this is a fantastic first entry. Really top-notch!

Romany Wagon (by MellyMonkey): I love this entry. From concept to completion, I just thought it was a neat idea. I love the curved roof and curved dormer/cupola - those lines are just really pleasing to the eye. The idea to use pine-cone petals as roof tiles was really clever, and one I'll be stealing, no joke. You mentioned that you wished you'd painted to roof before shingling it and I agree, but the overall effect is really nice. I also like the little fortune-teller posters and the other little details like the chocks under the wagon wheels.

The "miniature in miniature" aspect of this entry is also a really cool concept. A scene inside a crystal ball! Awesome! The fact that it's a specter of death is just that much cooler! I think the one thing that detracts from it is the fluff used to "fog" the crystal ball. I think it obscures a little too much of the detail, and while the photos from far away look pretty cool, up close it makes it hard to tell what the figure inside the ball is. This also might be a trick of distance-perspective and photography.

Toy Shop Window (by Extraevildave): This entry is so stylistically cool! I really like the Art Deco look, and am reminded of some of TG-oldster Neal Crankshaw's work. Fantastic design, great execution. The door and tiled entryway in particular are really really neat.

And of course the "miniature in miniature" portion of the entry is so well integrated, so front-and-center. The tiny "boxes" of folded printed paper are aces. The fact that you can still read the labels is super-cool, especially because they have that 1950's aesthetic to them that really sets the tone of the overall piece! The stuffed animals are also cool. Are they actually a little felty/fuzzy, or do they just look that way? And of course the train-set diorama is great! I feel like the store's sign could have been done a little better (given some kind of texture maybe? I dunno, something), but that's a pretty minor quibble. But what makes this entry for me is actually the last photograph - it has this sort of "evening in Norman Rockwell's small town America" look to it. The blackened window in the door just gives the perfect impression of the store after it's closed, but with the displays in the window still lit to draw children to its treasures like moths to flame. There's something about it that's just super nostalgic.

I was hoping that doing a feedback post would help me decide how to vote. Alas, I am still torn!

Thanks to BlueMeander, MellyMonkey, and Extraevildave for fantastic entries that make for hard voting!
Homage to Sophie by BlueMeander

A truly awesome piece of work, chock full of tiny and intricate details and an Easter Egg. The hats, decorative flowers, stained woodwork and assorted work materials really capture the spirit of your reference picture.  If I had to pick a favourite part of the workshop it would probably be both the hatstand and the pin cushion, dunno why, I just like them.
The "miniature" part of this entry is a great concept, forced perspective can be pretty hard to pull off but you did it with style and plenty of detail and the base and background perfectly fit the Miyazaki look.
The only negative worth mentioning is that we can’t see the train and tracks so we miss out on all that extra goodness you made  Sad  (lucky for us it's in your WIP  Smile ).

Romany Wagon by MellyMonkey

Another very original idea from Melly.  The design and paintjob of the wagon makes it instantly recognisable as a gypsy caravan, one that has been around for a while and seen better times (I suspect Madam Katrina’s customers are few and far between, hearing “I see the Grim Reaper is soon to visit you” probably doesn’t help with getting return customers).  The pine cone roof is an interesting idea but it messes with my head  Confused (do I like it or not? I don’t know, but points for originality either way).  However I know I like the little details, the signs and tarot cards are a nice touch.  
For the “miniature” part of the build, it was a great idea, Death in a crystal ball.
The final picture makes me smile.  I keep seeing it as the late, great Terry Pratchett’s “Death of Rats” trying to scratch his way out of the crystal ball.

Toy Shop Window by Extraevildave (Me)

This seemed to work out ok.  I’m reasonably satisfied at how the Art Deco look came out so there will be more of that in future projects.  I agree with Munin about the sign, it looks a bit flat, if I had a bit more time it probably would have been of a layered construction, but live and learn (and maybe Retro Fit later).
The toy boxes and advertising posters came out quite well and were chosen for a vintage look (nothing past 1962).  
As for the “miniature” part of the entry I think the trainset layout worked quite well but the train itself is a bit ugly (that’s why it’s hiding at the back).
All things considered it came out rather nicely (but it’s my entry so I’m probably biased). Big Grin  
These are three really great pieces. It has been a long time since I've had to look and look and look again to pick out a my favorite. Really inspiring work.