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After a few unavoidable delays I've finally got a chance to start posting for this competition.

I decided to build a toy store with a train set layout in the display window.  I will only be building the facade of the shop and the footpath as this will be used as part of a larger project to create a definite edge to an urban area.

The walls and roof were cut from 5mm foam board.
[Image: 20472352319_d177c0549f_c.jpg] 
I wanted to go with an Art Deco style for the shop so I cut and sanded curves into the facade and then glued them together with PVA.  The door will be off centre and recessed between the display windows. 
[Image: 20472351939_337bcb42b9_c.jpg]

The side walls were inscribed with a brickwork pattern but they won't be attached until the windows and window display are in place.
[Image: 20471086568_00938bd878_c.jpg]

I printed out a fan pattern commonly used in Art Deco style architecture, glued them to 1mm card, cut them out and then layered and glued them together to create a typical Art Deco building embellishment.  
[Image: 20665784731_3c93175c31_c.jpg]
[Image: 20632835326_8cc5a34efe_c.jpg]

The door is made from layered card and plastic packaging with printed Art Deco stained glass windows on either side.  At this point I ran out of daylight before I could photograph the completed door so I'll leave that till next post.
[Image: 20036529694_4236642bb1_c.jpg]
OH snap! Another entry?? Now, I've really gotta finish mine! Tongue

Great idea Dave, and it's looking good so far. Can't wait to see it come together.
Ooooh, I LOVE the Art Deco design touches!
Cool!! Those windows are looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. A tiny train display sounds cute as crap.
The completed Art Deco door made from layers of card, plastic sheet and dress pins.
[Image: 20687957542_2730a2d494_c.jpg]

Windows made from plastic packaging and window sills from 1mm card were glued into place.
[Image: 20509233740_e066f4d268_c.jpg]

A toy shop needs some toys so I'm going to paint some of these little fellas as plush toys.  They were cut from the end of some swizzle sticks or skewers and are about 15mm.
[Image: 20694240256_72c369a2f9_c.jpg]

A large assortment of boxes of games, toys and models will also appear in the window display.  The covers were printed, cut out and then glued around thick card for strength.
[Image: 20720473585_a77a26b13e_c.jpg]

For the train set I chose this layout and printed out a 30mm by 50mm copy to build upon. 
[Image: 20533732969_bf5cbca297.jpg]

Some very tiny buildings were made from balsa, card and bits of sprue.
[Image: 20533731869_4bb17d18e8_c.jpg]

Then were painted up and decorated.
[Image: 20532489648_d794b7defa_c.jpg]

Finally they were glued into place with assorted flock. 
[Image: 20533729929_e3f10a5cc1_c.jpg]

Now all that's left to do is final assembly, painting and decorating (and continuing to attempt to build a very, very tiny train).
This looks fantastic so far! I can't wait to see the tiny train!
The art deco is great! Home stretch, I hope you can wrap it up in time.
Those are totally bento sticks, huh? Big Grin Your tiny train thing is so cute! Super cute. Mega tiny is so rad!
(08-21-2015, 01:33 AM)BlueMeander Wrote: [ -> ]Those are totally bento sticks, huh? Big Grin 

Very much so, I actually found a big bag of them in a kitchenware/restaurant supply shop in Tokyo, while I was looking for some nice bento boxes.  
(08-21-2015, 02:27 PM)extraevildave Wrote: [ -> ]Very much so, I actually found a big bag of them in a kitchenware/restaurant supply shop in Tokyo, while I was looking for some nice bento boxes.  

Nice!! I've never been to Japan, but my partner has! Unforch, I was not given any bento pics as a souvenir. I get mine from the local Korean store or a Daiso or something. Sometimes from Amazon if I'm feelin' like a baller and want to splurge for the colorful ones. I just got some with little bows and crap on them! I like making my lunches cute! XD 

Maybe we should do some bento picture sharing in the off topic!
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