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Full Version: Toy Shop Window Display
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I just checked out your final pictures and I love how it came together. The colors have a great vintage cast to them and I love that you decided to go art deco with it because that feels like a really unexpected, but not at all unwelcome, take on a toy store. I feel really inspired by your tiny train set and think it would make a great inspiration for a sort of ironic vintage train set necklace. If it is cool with you, I'd really like to try making something like that for myself after seeing how successfully you did it here. Smile
Oh man, I saw you comment re: lighting. Putting in LEDs would be awesome! Not only does is make the windows shine, I imagine you could cut a hole in the store front behind the sign and glue that print out to a sheet of plastic and have a bulb placed behind there as well.

This was a cool idea overall. When the comp theme first came up, my mind also went to a mini railroad but I'd could figure out an appropriate place to put one. A toy shop is perfect!
I love this little shopfront so much! I think it has to be the first time I have ever seen art deco in miniature. I used to live above a hair salon that had those exact tiles in the entryway - excellent attention to detail. I agree that lighting the inside would really improve the overall look.
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