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Full Version: Homage to Sophie! :3
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Holy freaking awesome!

Even if it's not 100% complete the way you want it (what project ever is?), you should still get it as close as possible and submit what you have. Your work so far is VERY nice!
Yes, this is quite impressive. Good luck, and I hope you can finish.
Woo! Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I actually did end up finishing it. I just put in a day and slammed that out! Apart from the fact that I would like to install a light and a lid (or entirely box in the bump out that has the scenery in it) I was pretty much able to finish it the way I would have hoped. I think I would have made more flowers for the board or maybe installed a floor, but considering last night I thought I wouldn't finish, I'm glad to see it done, even though as Munin says, it's hard to feel like there isn't always something else you might do to it.

[Image: IMG_2213.jpg]

I ended up using a train bead and then painting it. honestly I feel it could have been better but my paint was horrible and old and I didn't realise that before I started. I didn't have time to head to the store and get more so I did my best with the stuff that was half sludge, half water. I painted polyfill for the smoke and didn't have time to cut/weld/paint a new metal bridge so I modified the park bridge from my first project into a bridge and stairs. It normally is symmetrical with stairs on each side, but from the angle from the window, it needed to be cut in half, basically.

[Image: IMG_2214.jpg]

Got another shot of the town. There's more greenery in my town than is animated in the cartoon, but they also have things like window boxes that I, frankly, didn't have the time to replicate if I was going to get it done. But it needed something so I used those moss trees I made from the last post. You can see part of the river, forest, and train track, though the farmhouse that's in the forest is hidden at this angle. 

[Image: IMG_2212.jpg]

The window view, overall, looks like this. Woo. 

[Image: IMG_2220.jpg]

This is the finished thing.
I think we have a winner here Big Grin
I think just that we got them done in such a short period of time makes us all winners! XD Aren't the contests meant to be for kind of a while? I think we all joined in pretty late so that feels great just to have accomplished something. Seriously though, I love your little train board. I'm off to go see your entry pictures right now to see the final reveal.
The amount of detail in this room is amazing! I can't believe you did that all in a week. It shows the beautiful clutter of a working artist. Bravo!
Incredible ammount of work especially for the timeframe.

Is that Doctor Who reference I spy?
(08-22-2015, 10:25 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [ -> ]Incredible ammount of work especially for the timeframe.

Is that  Doctor Who reference I spy?

But of course! The original scene also had some notes taped to the counter and my original plan was to make them copies of the Black Horse Courier of Elderscrolls reference, but when I finished I decided they would just be distracting. It's already a pretty distracting scene. Though it really was a pretty cluttered workroom I was referencing. So I felt it was appropriate to be a bit haphazard. Smile 
(08-22-2015, 03:10 AM)MellyMonkey Wrote: [ -> ]The amount of detail in this room is amazing! I can't believe you did that all in a week. It shows the beautiful clutter of a working artist. Bravo!

My desk looked like this for most of the contest time too!
This is a really well-done piece with so many details. But what really sells it all the different textures and materials. You could have used all sculpy for instance, to model things, but having all those texture is much better. And the forced perspective is really quite nicely done. Great work!
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