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Full Version: Once Upon a Time: Castle Pop-Up Book Terrain
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I have started working on the crenelations that will go at the ends of my parapets. These are much lower to suggest a workable wall. I could have made them taller, but then they would have started to show through the gaps in the crenelations at the tops of my "pages" when the book was folded. I sacrificed a bit of realism here to maintain the surprise factor when the book gets opened.

I printed some of my wall texture on both sides of a piece of card stock before cutting out a bunch of blanks. I made a template to make cutting all the details easier and regular. The tiny V-shaped notches in the template help me put down guide marks for scoring the final piece. I only cut out the rectangles and leave the pencil marks in the V notches alone until I erase them later.

Above the template is a piece that has been cut out and scored and is now ready to be mounted to the castle with double-sided tape.

[Image: 15802545018_338b18ddba_o.jpg]

And here is a sequence showing what the new little crenelations look like as the castle is folded.

[Image: 15803926029_d976e3e0cc_o.jpg]

[Image: 15964155306_b20dd114cb_o.jpg]

[Image: 15803926019_f545cab1f5_o.jpg]

Once these are all in, I will be putting in the stairs.
Quote:Ambience 327 said:
Wow. Just...wow.

No offense intended to the other competitors in this comp, but unless someone pulls something tremendously awesome out of the blue in the next few days, you've definitely got my 1st place vote already. (Assuming you finish in time - please finish in time!!!!)   Smile
I got all my crenelations put on the ends of the parapets.

Next I decided to tackle the armoires in the Master Bedroom. A little searching on the internet for suitable images and a little bit of playtime with Paint Shop Pro and I printed out some models on cardstock.

[Image: 15989259332_278d9634f6_o.jpg]

When cutting it out I made sure to leave tabs for attachments. The tabs at the top and bottom in the center are for attaching the armoire to the wall and floor respectively. The two left and right "shoulder" tabs will be used to attach the sides to the top piece.

[Image: 15804195267_74061478ed_o.jpg]

Here you can see the armoire scored, folded, and taped together from the back.

[Image: 15370300943_91daa49343_o.jpg]

And from the front.

[Image: 15804195247_0f47653c08_o.jpg]

I added two of these to either side of the doorway in the Master Bedroom, being careful to make sure the rightmost one did not extend past the diagonal fold in the floor.

[Image: 15987949441_daab64b972_o.jpg]

Here is a set of pics from the side showing what they look like as the castle folds.

[Image: 15987949431_e460e22853_o.jpg]

[Image: 15370300883_8e8cdc14d6_o.jpg]

[Image: 15804195167_631975390e_o.jpg]

I had to trim a little extra off the bottoms of the armoires to make sure nothing caught during the folding movements, but otherwise this turned out just like I expected.

Next on to the Library!   Big Grin
For the Library I started out by lining the walls with books, again using the textures from the David Gurrea site mentioned above.

I then made two 3-D bookshelves similarly to how I made the armoires above.

First I used Paint Shop to combine the David Gurrea textures with some internet surfed ones to make a pattern which I then cut out leaving appropriate tabs.

[Image: 15989259222_3760892050_o.jpg]

I added two of these to the Library again making sure to avoid the diagonal floor fold. These shelves are far too large for me to have the sides fold inward like I did with the armoires, so I needed to have them fold outward. That severely limited my placement choices if I wanted to avoid having anything stick outside the pages of the book.

Here you can see the shelves in position and folding as the castle closes.

[Image: 15989259212_2cdfbbd096_o.jpg]

[Image: 15989259202_a2f4469cfa_o.jpg]

[Image: 15964155206_cb72ff81f6_o.jpg]

The shelves have a tendency to remain "puffed" out even when the castle is fully opened. If I had the time, I would go back and reinforce the diagonal fold and then add a thin piece of weak elastic connecting the two sides internally to help close them as the castle opens. I doubt I will have time for that kind of tweaking before this competition ends.

I have already started putting together the elements for the bed in the Master Bedroom. After that I will likely tackle the fireplaces.

(I have a good idea how to do the stairs in my head, but given how fiddly I know they will be I keep catching myself doing the easier stuff first.)
Quote:Thumper said:
Hmm ... apparently the poisoned/plagued apple didn't work. Guess I'll have to lay seige to the castle before all is in readiness   Dodgy

Seriously though, this is coming along beautifully  Big Grin

Quote:La Long Carbine said:
Amazing stuff sir. I will have to check out that textures site you mentioned.

LLC aka Ron
Today I got the two fireplaces for the Kitchen and Great Hall as well as the bed in the Master Bedroom finished.

My fireplaces were in two pieces, a stone 3-D fireplace and a 2-d fire graphic glued to the wall and floor inside the fireplace. The stone work is from the texture site linked above. The flames are from an internet pic of a fireplace.

Here is the stone work before and after cutting out.

[Image: 15802663500_4bf653f82b_o.jpg]

And here is a close up of the fire. I waited until the fireplace was installed before adding the fire graphic so it could cover the tabs on the floor and wall.

[Image: 15987949351_06e2cee9f1_o.jpg]

Here is a shot showing the placement of the fireplace in the Kitchen...

[Image: 15803925899_c3bc1096c5_o.jpg]

and in the Great Hall.

[Image: 15964155186_c2b3f4aaae_o.jpg]

And finally a couple of pics showing the folding action.

[Image: 15987949311_d8e17a5237_o.jpg]

[Image: 15804195077_b2faf9bc3d_o.jpg]

Next up, the bed in the Master Bedroom.
For the bed in the Master Bedroom I wanted a 4-poster bed, so I needed to make more than just a simple box. I pieced the bed together before attaching it to the castle.

First I manipulated an image of a cozy quilt to make the top and sides of the bed.

[Image: 15803925849_e9cfab90f8_o.jpg]

Of course every bed needs comfy pillows so I snagged some off the internet.

[Image: 15370300763_dd741bb76e_o.jpg]

For the main structure of the bed I sampled a straight-on pic of a poster bed I liked and mixed it with some of the wood panels I had created for the armoires. (It is very hard to find pics of things like furniture taken straight on. Most photographers try to shoot from the diagonal to show more aspects of the pieces.) Because I was going to cut out a lot later, I decided to put two sheets of card stock together to make the front and back sides of the foot end of my bed rather than just printing on both side of a single sheet to give more strength. The other copy of the end will become the headboard.

[Image: 15367682664_dbf59e177a_o.jpg]

Here are the front and back sides of the foot end of the bed attached to the canopy.

[Image: 15989259032_d16d6405e0_o.jpg]

[Image: 15989919565_eeda610868_o.jpg]

Scoring, folding, and tape formed the blanket into the body of the bed. I then attached the blanket part, the headboard, and the footboard/canopy pieces together to make a complete structure.

[Image: 15370300723_0fbb6cd6aa_o.jpg]

Here is a pic showing the bed's location in the Master Bedroom.

[Image: 15803925789_5339cc47c8_o.jpg]

And here are a couple of pics showing the bed folding as the castle closes. You might notice that the foot end of the bed gets a slight S-curve in it as it bends. This is because my castle's structural bits are not perfectly square to one another. Luckily my bed is robust enough to curve when it needs to.

[Image: 15370300703_2e10cb33a1_o.jpg]

[Image: 15802663390_b64062d9cd_o.jpg]

I feel like I am on track to get this project done enough to satisfy me before the comp's end. I may not get all the details in that I wanted to, or have the time to make everything as smoothly operating, robust, or realistic as I would have liked, but I think it should be fun to play around with.

I am not sure what I will end up working on next, I guess I will just have to see where my fingers take me.   Smile
Quote:PTI:TS said:
Yer fookin mad, mate!!
Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

Quote:Ambience 327 said:
That bed is truly amazing. I love everything about this project. You are really setting the bar high for this competition!!!

Now, since you seem to need a bit of extra motivation...


Big Grin

Quote:littlemonk said:
This is truly a lesson in the advantages of paper terrain. My one suggestion would be to try to eliminate the white areas on the edges. It's really distracting from otherwise awesome looking paper terrain.

@ littlemonk - If I have time, I do plan to go back and hit all the exposed edges with appropriately colored sharpie markers. I will also try to cover any semi-exposed white tabs with appropriately textured papers.

One of the lessons I have learned from this so far is that I wish I had used slightly thicker material than card stock for my 3-D elements so that they would be more rigid. Maybe next time I will use cereal box cardboard or the like.

Next time I will also build more like I originally planned to do, which is to make each 3-D item a complete independent structure with backs and bottoms. That would make them more rigid and give much larger attachment areas to adhere them to the castle walls and floors. As it stands, I tried to save time/effort/materials by using the castle walls and floors as parts of my 3-D elements. In some cases this has proved less than ideal. Making the pieces fully independent would help them ignore deviations in the base structure.

Later today when I get home I hope to get the front and back gates put up.

Quote:Widigo said:
I hope these images are in the gallery. I also hope an article is made from this because I will reproduce this someday. It is amazing.

Quote:MUMSY said:

Quote:Widigo said:
I hope these images are in the gallery. I also hope an article is made from this because I will reproduce this someday. It is amazing.

I couldn't agree more. It has been a remarkable process from the beginning. Imagination just runs wild with this! The possibilities.   Big Grin

Quote:Gregbag said:
So, Ableman...First comment, from me, here on your work.

I have followed this thread since his first step.
My curiousity was on how you had solved the issues with the foldings.
I can say that the solutions, despite of some little details, like the unpainted sections, are really incredible. The folding technique is genial.
You have opened a new era in the modelling age.

A really feeled handshake, to you, master.   Smile  Smile  Smile  

Bye, Greg
I have finished work on my Main and Back Gates. I had to make these a little differently than my previous 3-D bits because the gates are rectangles that must become parallelograms. While the outside edges remain the same size, the two diagonals change size.One must lengthen and one must get shorter. To account for this I made the gates in two layers. I took my inspiration for folding boxes that have "solid" bottoms.

When viewed from the front, the layer in back is attached at the top and along the left side. The other two sides are left unattached. The piece is creased at 45 degrees in the upper left hand corner.

The front layer is just the opposite. It is attached at the bottom and along the right side, and is folded at 45 degrees in the lower right corner.

Together the two layers overlap to make a complete gate.

Here you can see the parts I used to make my gates. Because these gates are on the ground floor and need to be taller than a standard sheet of paper, I cut strips of additional printed card stock to act as extenders. Since I was going to have to add these extenders anyway, instead of printing my main pages on both sides, I instead sandwiched my extenders between two layers that were only printed on one side.

[Image: 15989924425_3110df2a78_o.jpg]

[Image: 15804199787_4c41a758f1_o.jpg]

Here I have cut out, scored, folded, and attached the back layer of my Main Gate which is attached to the Great Hall. Each layer has a generous overlap with the other but does not need to be complete.

[Image: 15367687724_0b19bf0efc_o.jpg]

Here is a pic of the front layer before attachment.

[Image: 15989264112_b61a9edaa9_o.jpg]

And here is what they look like installed together.

[Image: 15989924405_35efb630a4_o.jpg]

Here is a sequence showing what it looks like as the castle is closed. The rear layer folds first and the front layer rides on top of it.

[Image: 15367687694_27e54821ef_o.jpg]

[Image: 15964159756_c33841a513_o.jpg]

[Image: 15803930769_6372eb43d7_o.jpg]

The Back Gate is built the same way and is attached to the Stable. (The camera really points out the extra tape I used to reinforce the corners. I will have to see if I can smooth that out more to make it less noticeable. It is not as visible in person as the camera makes it look.)

[Image: 15802549558_3608ab6dc5_o.jpg]

And finally, here are a couple of pics showing the two gates fully opened.

[Image: 15802668150_461dc411f6_o.jpg]

[Image: 15964159736_9ba4406dd4_o.jpg]

Having the gates made out of two to three layers of card stock really made them much stronger, though it did cause some folding difficulties. If I do much more like this I will likely need to score my folds in two close parallel lines instead of just one to account for the thicknesses involved.

Next up will likely be the lofts/stalls/jail cell or possibly the stained glass/ altar. After that a table for the kitchen, the stairs, something for the Magic Lab, and if I have time catapults for the battlements.

It is true that I could have made these gates each out of a single layer attached only on two sides sharing a corner leaving the other two sides free like I did everywhere else. Given the size of these elements the unsecured sides would likely have remained floppy and would never get fully into position when opened. That would mean that either the tops or bottoms of my gates would have flapped around and hung out of position. I wanted these to be solid as they should get a bit of traffic being gates and all. Plus I wanted them to look nicer that that. Hence I went with the two layered approach. More work, but a much nicer result I feel.

I could have been using this technique throughout the castle on the folding sides of all my elements, but that seemed like far too much work given the time I have left.
Quote:Thumper said:
Big Grin  ... and that's all I have to say about that.
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