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Full Version: Once Upon a Time: Castle Pop-Up Book Terrain
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Quote:MUMSY said:

Quote:ableman33 said:
I cut and pre-scored pieces of poster board into long continuous hinges that I could use as stock material to cut off whatever lengths of hinge I might need. I have since produced my shorter hinge pieces that will go between each floor section. (Pics on Monday.)

I plan to use hot/melt glue to attach all my hinges. While it does add a little thickness to the overall joint, it is quite strong and sets very quickly. If I used PVA glue or the like, I would have to clamp things down and then wait for each section to dry before moving on. Since the bulk of all my hinges will later be covered over by sheets of printed texture, this extra thickness should hopefully not be too noticeable.

Good ideas! Looking forward to more details and more pic's.   Smile

Quote:reasnd said:
I don't know how I missed this thread before, but have to say that I'm impressed. Only thing is now that you have shown us these idea's, you will have to deliver.
I am really liking this new camera.   Smile  It is a lot faster and much more tolerant of my wavering hands.

After some more experiments, I discovered that double-sided scotch tape is quite strong enough for my applications here, so I will be using that instead of hot glue for most of this project. The tape is much easier to work with (no time limit for one) and it is far less bulky. A win-win for me.

I have put on the central hinges connecting the five vertical sides of my book/castle. As you can see in the pics below, I trimmed the corners back on each hinge section to make sure nothing will interfere with the movement of my floor sections when they fold up and down.

[Image: 15964151166_680c2b1de1_o.jpg]

[Image: 15804191177_62b34bb740_o.jpg]

And here are some pics once all five pieces have been hinged together.

Spine edge from the side.

[Image: 15964151156_7fe5b5b8e8_o.jpg]

Spine from the top. (Once the floors are installed, the book should be an even thickness when closed. For now the hinge expands to thicker than the book at rest.)

[Image: 15803921779_f8c2b4bc54_o.jpg]

I have added crenulations to all the tops of the "pages" to give the terrain an more castle-like feel. These will be too large and out of scale for the miniatures that will be using it. I plan to have some scale height crenulations pop up in places on the top parapet level.

[Image: 15989915815_fe94e37834_o.jpg]

And here are some pics showing the book opening up and what it will look like when fully opened. For now I have to space the pages out by hand. Once the floors are installed, the pages will spread out automatically as the book is opened.

[Image: 15802540868_d09a1e8176_o.jpg]

[Image: 15802659460_efbba7d2ee_o.jpg]

[Image: 15367678634_8785b90468_o.jpg]

[Image: 15370296973_1fab2dba2d_o.jpg]

The two covers end up back to back making a wall of double thickness. The flexibility of the central hinges adapts for this. Also, I am hoping that making the total floor area slightly smaller than a perfect square will leave each floor section just slightly buckled upward, making automatic folding when the book is closed easier.

Hopefully I can get some more double-sided scotch tape during a break today and get the floors installed. I can not wait to see this thing opening and closing automatically.

I do plan to paint the interior hinges gray. I have not decided yet how I am going to color the exterior of the hinges. It will depend on what kind of look I go for with the cover.
Quote:MUMSY said:
Big Grin  This is so much fun watching it come together.

Question: When all five pieces are all folded up, how thick is it now before the floors are in?

Quote:Thumper said:

This is really taking shape nicely, and quickly.

Can't show this thread to the wife ... she loves pop-up books and will want one   Big Grin

@ Thumper - Thanks. Good luck with your comp as well. Maybe you could make a little companion folio to your libram that is a pop-up book to make your wife happy. Maybe an extra watch tower of something.

@ Mumsy - I do not have the book with me here but a little bit of math might give you an idea. I am using 3/16 inch (0.5 cm) foam core for my structural elements. With the poster board hinges adding a little thickness, it would be safe to say that each panel can be compressed down to around 1/4 inch (0.6 cm). That would make the 5-page book currently compressible down to a thickness of about 1 1/4 inches (3.2 cm).

Once the floors are in that will add 8 more layers (each floor being folded double when the book is closed), adding around 2 inches for a compressible thickness around 3 1/2 inches (9 cm).

That seems really thick to me now that I type that. I plan to get the folding floors in tomorrow if all goes well so I will be able to get you better numbers then. I imagine with all my foldable terrain details inside that this book should still come in at under 4 inches (10 cm) thick. Not too bad for a structure that will be 20 inches (50 cm) wide and tall when fully opened.

Regardless of the final thickness, I do imagine that this book will require some sort of clasp or band to keep it tightly shut. I am toying around with a few ideas in my head that can keep the book shut when it is closed, and then lock the two covers together into a single wall piece when the book is opened.

Hopefully I will have more pics for you all tomorrow.
Here are some details regarding the installation of my floors and their hinges.

First I used double-sided scotch tape to attach the hinge to the bottom of the floor. (Here shown before the excess tape was trimmed off.) The "T" was to remind me which part of the hinge was getting taped so that I did not have to think while I was in the rhythm of eye-balling and applying tape.

[Image: 15989255042_acf7f4f33a_o.jpg]

After the hinge was securely taped to the bottom of the floor section, I next added a stripe of hot/melt glue to secure the edge of the floor to the central part of the hinge. The tape bond was not strong enough for this part of the joint and would have separated under the stresses.

[Image: 15989254972_be8d3d8eac_o.jpg]

Once the glue cooled I re-creased the hinge to test for ease of working. Here is a floor section with both hinges attached viewed from the floor top.

[Image: 15989915725_12dcf864e0_o.jpg]

And here from the floor bottom where you can see how the hinges have been trimmed back so they do not overlap.

[Image: 15964150996_c2a8e966aa_o.jpg]

All the floors have their hinges attached, now time to start adding them to the vertical walls.

[Image: 15367678504_6e33ccdd0a_o.jpg]

Here is a sequence of pics showing the floor folding action after I finished one quadrant of the castle.

[Image: 15367678474_725866601a_o.jpg]

[Image: 15987945221_3738105c8a_o.jpg]

[Image: 15803921619_a65144f847_o.jpg]

Almost done with the rest. Pics very soon of the full core structure.
I have finished installing all my floor sections. My alignments are not perfect as there was a bit of a learning curve for finding a good method for getting the upper sections of floor attached properly. (The bottom floor sections were easy as I did them first and could just lay them on the ground before sliding them into place.) As a result of the slight misalignment in places, the book wants to spring open even more than it normally would and the floors lay less flat than I would like. I am hoping that over time and extended use the floors will come to lay flatter as things relax a bit. For now, I am calling the extra springiness of the floors a design feature to assist in closing the book and to account for future sagging.  Laughing

The final width of the book closed and compressed at this point is 3 1/4 inches thick (18 mm). I deliberately made the central parts of my floor hinges wider than they needed to be (1/4 inch instead of 3/16, 0.6 mm instead of 0.5 mm) in order to leave room so that the folding details I will be inserting will not stress the floor hinges. Looking down from above, this extra space is easily seen.

Here is a look at the opening sequence of the completed core building from above.

[Image: 15802540618_31e2aa8c4d_o.jpg]

[Image: 15964150896_6ec95135d2_o.jpg]

[Image: 15802659300_4d4e35c9bb_o.jpg]

[Image: 15987945111_7c23189202_o.jpg]

And here is a look at the opening sequence from the side. (You can see the strip of tape I used to hold the book closed temporarily.)

[Image: 15989254812_1ce3726a25_o.jpg]

[Image: 15987945091_0bce3be528_o.jpg]

[Image: 15802540498_49072dbb7d_o.jpg]

[Image: 15367678334_d748dbeb2b_o.jpg]

Here are a couple of extra views of the opened building from the sides. You can see cut-outs in the floors for stairwell access in this one.

[Image: 15802540478_76f8081bd4_o.jpg]

And here you can see the double wall thickness where the two covers come together (here temporarily held together with clothespins.)

[Image: 15803921489_161abb1abf_o.jpg]

Next I will be experimenting with printed textures for my floors and walls. Likely there will not be any updates for awhile. I expect it will take some time for me to choose the patterns I want and figure out the best way to apply them.
Quote:havre said:
Consider this entrant WOWed   Shy  Shy  Big Grin  Big Grin

Quote:George T said:
Make that double wowed!   Shy  Shy

This work is awesome! Well done!  Big Grin  

An idea for fastenings-velcro back straps:  [old non-working link to black velcro straps]

If you bought two of these back straps (per hinge/clasp) and cut one in half. Hot glue the hooky half to the front cover and the loopy part to the back cover.

When the book is closed you can attach the second backstrap across the front and back to hold the 'pages' together closed. When you want to open the castle, pull off the second strap, unfold the castle and push the double wall together so that the velcro front and back cover pieces hold it open.

Hope this helps,


Quote:Matt Davis10 said:
Triple WOWed!!!  Big Grin

Thanks for the ideas and interest everyone.

I apologize for the long delay in getting back to this project. I am just now wrapping up a rather protracted head/throat cold that has had me mostly incapacitated for much of the last week.   Sad  Hopefully I will be able to get back to this project in the next couple of days once I can bend over and breath at the same time.

Luckily I have a week off coming up for Spring Break. I should be healthy enough by then to get some good work in.   Big Grin

Happy building!

Quote:Joseph59667 said:
QuadWowed! Cant wait to see how this turns out, watching with interest...   Shy
Well things have not progressed nearly as far as I would have liked at this point. It turns out I was only the first in my household to get sick so I have had to spend much of my Spring Break caring for everyone else instead of working on this project.   Sad

With that said, I have finally reached the point I was hoping to be at a week ago. I have all my base textures applied to my core structure. From now on I will be able to start working on all those neat 3-D supplementary elements.   Smile

Here are some pics of the structure with all the primary textures on. It has surprised me how much the castle looks like an empty house during a realtor's walk through, something that you can see more in the close-up pics later. Kind of creepy and empty. You can almost hear the echoing footsteps off the blank walls. Soon things should look a bit more lifelike.

On with the pics!

Here is a view of the entire structure showing the Grand Hall at the bottom, the Master Bedroom in the middle, and parapet at the top. (One thing that has happened like I hoped is that the castle has come to settle in the open shape. It likes being fully opened and does not need anything to keep it that way. I may still use a couple of velcro tabs to tack closed the final gap, but it stands fully open all on its own now.)

[Image: 15989915565_a141df25c8_o.jpg]

Here is a view of the whole castle showing the Kitchen at the bottom and the Library in the middle. All the quadrants have parapet sections at the very top.

[Image: 15802659160_19f34e6595_o.jpg]

Here is a view showing the Training Yard on the bottom and the Magic Lab in the middle. The stairs connecting the three levels will be in this quadrant and they will likely be the next thing I make.

[Image: 15989254712_a0ae065bca_o.jpg]

And here is the final quadrant showing the Stable at the bottom and the Chapel in the middle.

[Image: 15367678284_7a5a85f566_o.jpg]

Close up shots of some of the textures used next.
Here are some details of the Grand Hall showing the inlay flooring and the fancy wood panels on the wall. The wall without the wooden panels will have a fireplace. It will also have the main gate. Both will be 3-D elements. I am toying with putting down some sort of rug or runner to break up the large floor expanse too. I will wait until the 3-D elements are in before deciding.

[Image: 15989254692_c93b252bb6_o.jpg]

[Image: 15802659130_a708922d89_o.jpg]

Above the Grand Hall is the Master Bedroom. Here everything is is very fancy. The floors are parqet and the walls are covered in carved wooden paneling. There will be 3-D armoires and a poster bed here, as well as likely a dragon tapestry carpet.

[Image: 15802659120_c3a2367503_o.jpg]

All the parapets are made of simple clean stone. The king likes to walk around up here so everything is kept better scrubbed than might be expected. I plan to have 3-D crenelations pop up at the ends of the walkways, and if I have time I will make some catapults and other fun stuff up here.

[Image: 15370296603_b34e9d5449_o.jpg]

Here is a pic of the kitchen. The walls and tiled floor are well scrubbed and neat as the queen demands. There will be a 3-D fireplace here and maybe some tables if I can fit them in.

[Image: 15803921409_47a7586d0b_o.jpg]

Above the Kitchen is the Library. There will be a lot of 3-D bookcases here covering much of the walls/floor.

[Image: 15987944921_33ff0ec18e_o.jpg]
Here is a pic of the Training Yard. The base of the walls here gets a little dirty and the rough cobblestone floor has seen lots of action. I plan to put in a 3-D loft over a pop-up jail cell and maybe a weapons rack too.

[Image: 15987944911_d811320fe1_o.jpg]

Above the Training Yard is the Magic Lab. Strange runes cover the dark walls here. The stairs connecting all three levels will pass through here, but I will add as much 3-D lab stuff as I can fit.

[Image: 15987944901_d297a226b2_o.jpg]

Here is a pic of the Stable. Straw covers the cobble floors and the dirty walls will have 3-D stalls and possibly a hay loft pop out from them.

[Image: 15802659040_718393e340_o.jpg]

Above the Stable is the Chapel. Here polished stone inlay floors give way to imported marble where the altar will be. The walls are a mix of polished stone panels and brushed on gold leaf. I will put a 3-D altar and stained glass window here.

[Image: 15802540348_91047c4b9f_o.jpg]

And finally, even though you can only get a good look at them when the book/castle is opening and closing, I applied wooden beams to all the ceilings.

[Image: 15987944881_f7c785637a_o.jpg]

Next, on to the 3-D elements! I will likely do the stairs and parapet crenelations next.

So far, all the textures here have come from this great free site: David Gurrea

I did lighten/darken some here and there, but for the most part they have been used as is. As I progress on to the 3-D elements I will likely start using some other sources, but I plan to keep using many of these textures to keep the visual pallet consistent.
Quote:MUMSY said:
Shy  Shy  Shy  I don't have the words to express the joy this castle of yours brings with each view!! I want to live there please!

Honestly......maybe this competition didn't bring out the crowds to enter but just the few here that gave it a try have made it worth while. If I never run another comp means nothing to me. That we all on TG get to watch these fabulous projects come together made it worth it. FABULOUS ableman33!!!!!!!  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

Quote:mattblackgod said:
Wow - simply wow!   Big Grin

Quote:Nerje said:
you know, if you shortened the walkways a bit, it's footprint would less than 3 times it's total height


very, very cool though

Thanks all for the support, especially you Mumsy. Your joy and interest in this project have certainly brought smiles to my heart as I have been working and helped me persevere when things kept getting in the way.

I have been a bit frustrated with this project in that it seems to come together really quickly and easily, but life has only let me work on it in fits and starts here and there. I had really hoped to have the time to put in loads of 3-D pop up elements throughout. I will just have to see how much I can get done between now and the end of the comp.

@ Nerje - That is a thought, though I would have to trim quite a bit from this tower. When fully opened it is 20 inches wide and about 21 1/2 inches tall. It is almost a cube.

It might be fun to make an unfolding tower that meets the 3-1 ratio for that other comp though. It could either be designed similarly to this one, or perhaps it could be made like a Chinese lantern where it would collapse flat like an accordion then be stretched upward to hang from an internal support rod anchored to a weighted stand.

Something to think about, but for now I have a castle that needs furnishing.   Big Grin
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