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Full Version: Competition Start Date?
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(12-23-2014, 05:12 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: [ -> ]*bump*

We've gotten a few new members in the past couple of weeks and we're getting closer & closer to the potential start date. I'm fishing for more opinions. Please let me know if you think we're ready for a comp!

If we start January 1st, I will act as the first organizer and will announce a theme next week.

Hi all; I am one of those new members (joined in mid February). You have some great members on this site, who are working hard to bring in new membership! I joined, after pendrake suggested that I check out this site and consider joining! I checked, saw, liked and joined!

I like your current competition setup...starting on the 1st of a/the (given month) and ending on the (21st) of a/the (given/month)...very simple to understand and follow (I am one who likes very simple as far as computers are concerned).

I would have been a participant in this (your inaugural competition) except for the fact that I did not become aware of this competition (I am a very slow browser) until the late hours of Feb. 17th and the closing was Feb. 21st! Not enough time to even formulate an idea for a piece (much less to build/execute) such a piece!...But I do look forward to future competitions that I may participate in.

Thank you for allowing my humble views and feedback on this matter!

Paul (Catdancer)
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