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Full Version: Temple to a goddess of nature, fertility, etc
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For this competition i intend to make a temple to a goddess of life.

I started by making a drawn plan.

[Image: DSCN2679.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2680.jpg]

I then decided to find a suitable miniature for the statue of the goddess.

[Image: female%20mage.jpg]

Then i cut my base as per the measurements in my plan, i changed the width of the piece by half an inch to make it a little simpler for myself. The layout was then applied to the base, as i have to wait for the columns i am using to arrive this seemed like the best thing to do so i can at least make some progress.

[Image: DSCN2681.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2682.jpg]

I made a lintel to for the columns to support the vines i plan to have crisscrossing between to create a roof of sorts over the entire structure.

[Image: DSCN2683.jpg]

More updates to follow as soon as my other materials arrive.
I'm looking forward to seeing this completed, best gather your materials and get building Big Grin
Very cool idea; what kind of columns are you getting?
(05-05-2015, 12:39 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool idea; what kind of columns are you getting?

I plan on getting these columns.

[Image: 61dz9pqwZ-L._SY355_.jpg]
Just waiting for them to turn up at the moment, could take a litte while though.
WOW!  looks like a good start!  I'm trying to think of something to enter, hopefully I'll have time to work on something...lol