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Full Version: Carnivore (Come to me Seymour!)
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Ok, after just missing the end date of the last competition I learned to better read the initial criteria posts Wink So this time I will try to build a huge jungle carnivore until the 21st of April. I have something in mind like the red plants from Nintendos Mario. The piece should fit to the rest of my jungle terrain.

First pictures will be published as soon as possible...
Aw shoot... you just reminded me that I had dreams of making a Mario themed table. At least now I'll have someone to steal plant ideas from Tongue
Looking forward to seeing how you tackle this. Wondering if it'll be more "realistic" like Little Shop of Horrors, or cartoony like mario Smile
Ok, I made some progress. It's small, but it's progress. For the basic structure of the plant I bought a plastic easter egg and a plastic plant:

[Image: img_0840.jpg]

[Image: img_0839.jpg]

After ripping off all the petals just the stem of the flower is left. This is exactly what I need. Then I used a hairdryer to bend the loop of the easter egg, so that the two halves of the egg open up like a mouth. With some wire and hotglue the two halves and the stem are fixed together:

[Image: img_0838.jpg]

Air drying clay or paper mache will be used in the next step to form the parts of the plant and some teeth.
Ok, it took a while to make progress, but finally I managed to glue some old newspaper parts on the plastic halves to make them more sticky. Acrylic paint normally doesn't stick very well to plain plastic.

[Image: img_0867.jpg?w=300&h=225]

Next step will be the teeth (someone needs a dentist?).