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Way to go Trollmeat on your gloriously creepy entry!  Smile And thank you to Reid & VampyreVenom for their entries as well. It was a good first competition.

I will send Trollmeat a message about moderating the next comp if he is interested. The next comp theme should be announced by March 1st with a deadline for completion of April 21st. I can't wait to see how this pans out!
Nice work everyone, and congrats trollmeat for the carnival of creepiness! That's going to be one very interesting board when it is finished.
Congrats trollmeat. Very creepy and unique. Looking forward to the next competition.
There is a first time for everything, congratulations to Reid & VampyreVenom for finishing their entries and making it actually a competition, it was close and I hope more participants from the old forum come out of the woodwork for the next one. Smile

Apparently I have to post a Theme and Guideline by March 1st, which sounds like I have a few days to come up with a theme as it is only February 28th at the moment (I live slightly in the future), but that's actually Tomorrow.

Anyone have anything they would particularly like the theme to be? So far I'm looking at these:

-Monstrous Flora/Fungi - Create a Flora/Fungi feature with a minimum size of "large base" in your preferred scale****
-Give 'em enough rope - execution style terrain*
-from the sewers - raising the ground level or having something rise from the sewers*
-Like Clockwork - moving parts/turn-keeper
-Eating Establishment / Places of Trade
-Dangerous Terrain

*each asterisk is 1 vote and I've moved the ones with votes to top of list.
Aight everyone, get your suggestions/votes in or I'll be going with a D6 roll of +/-1 at my own discretion!
Monster flora and fungi is my choice Smile
My vote is for the flora and fungi
Flora and fungus is the theme that most catches my eye.
So it looks like we have a theme, but, a little help with wording? Competition II
Excellent; I might jump in on this one too.
It might be a good to put the ideas that didn't work into the Comp Ideas Thread for brainstorming future comps.
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