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I guess we know that the new TG is making it's mark on the internet because the spammer bots have found us. (Thank you Tob for raising the red flag on them before things got too out of hand.) The appropriate accounts have been banned and hopefully all signs of their being here are gone. But that's not guaranteeing that new ones won't pop up and barrage us with junk.

If this does happen again, please send me a private message immediately and I will do my best to take care of the situation as soon as possible. I will also be looking to give a few others the power to put a stop to the madness in case I am tied up. In the meantime, carry on with your regular forum useage. Shy
In this, Our darkest hour before the Spam, stalwart we
[...insert pseudo-Crispin's Day blah...]
and shall remain ever vigilant!


Or, if you prefer:


Just woke to find your emails (they arrived here between 2am and 3am). Well done for sorting it out so quickly.

How many posts were there and by how many posters?
(02-12-2015, 02:56 AM)AndySlater Wrote: [ -> ]How many posts were there and by how many posters?

There were approximately 138 posts in various European languages replete with tags, links, and a photo with graphics.  There were three accounts created and most posts (>135) were by the "Darrel" account.  One, "Rocco", may have been created after "Darrel" was banned and only got in one or two posts.  The third account, "Rocky", did not appear to get any posts in and I am not sure if it was created late in the attack or at the beginning but was unused.

Future imitators will suffer a similar fate; crushing defeat at the hands of my trackball.
The forum's defences are pretty good with the way you have to register and the fact that you have to respond to an email. It's possible for a bot to do that... but it would have to be quite sophisticated... and the email address has to be valid.

Once in however, maybe there was manual intervention, maybe not, creating posts is not too difficult.

HOWEVER, forum software often has "flood controls" which can impose limits on how quickly a member can post.

One method imposes a delay between posts. Working on the assumption that a real person, having replied to one post, needs time to a) go to the next, b) read it and/or study at the pictures, c) write their response, I don't see something like imposing a 60 second delay between posts will inconvenience users but make will slow a bot. I say "study" the pictures because some tit, sorry I mean user, who is merely glancing and replying "cool", "cool", "cool" needs slowing down to IM<HO.

Another method I've seen, and it may well be in software we're using, is to limit members to X posts in Y length of time until they have Z posts under their belts i.e. to 10 posts per day until they have 100 posts. That should be enough for any non-pain-in-the-***** newbie and a real help in minimising spammer damager before someone can tackle them.

This is one for you guys to look into because I'm sure that Melly in particular now has much more familiarity with the MyBB admin screens than I do.
There is the restriction on the minimum amount of time that is allowed between posts. If I remember correctly, I had it set to 1-2 minutes in between. I will go in there to check that and possibly bump it up more.
(02-12-2015, 07:53 AM)MellyMonkey Wrote: [ -> ]There is the restriction on the minimum amount of time that is allowed between posts.

This explains how I got caught up so fast.  I thought maybe it was a live person running scripts; I kept seeing "User reading post _____" in the profile which gave me the latest thread.  

Is there a way to make reported posts not show up after they're reported in the same manner as old TG?  I repeated myself  a few times clicking Report on posts I already hit.  I guess this is less important now that I can just knock out evil accounts, but if that's an option we may want to turn it on just in case.  
I totally missed all the excitement. Been popping in at 24 to 36 hour intervals. (Although it may show me logged in constantly—I plea tabs.)
It would be good if upon hitting Report User, that there is some option of Also Hide All Posts By This User.

I reported about 3 posts, from one user (on the competition forum), and when I got back later in the day they were all gone. Smile
As far as I can tell reporting the post just sent me a message in the Admin control panel to let me know the reason why someone thought the content was suspicious. In this case, it was bloody obvious what threads were the issue. So not only did I have to clear out the forums, I also had to clear out 150 messages about flagged posts in my account.

I will look into any options that may be available to have reporting cause some more immediate results, but I'm going to be a bit hesitant to activate them -- mostly because I'm a pessimist. While it would be a handy tool for all the upstanding citizens of the forum, some troll looking for a power trip could easily come along and make an account. They could then use that feature to report (and therefore delete) legitimate topics here just because they can.

Having reporting hide that user sounds like a more interesting option, especially if it hides them only for the member that clicked it. That seems little more jerk-proof to me... I will investigate the settings this weekend.
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