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Full Version: Questions #1
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I have a series of questions I would like to ask. To make them easier to answer I will post each individually.

Question 1: I have considered 3 different scenarios for creating my entry. Are any of the following required, preferred or prohibited?

Technique #1) In the past when I have used a template for a structure I have printed it, glued it to a sheet of textured sheet styrene, cut the styrene, removed the template, assembled the styrene, and painted.

Technique #2) More recently I have used more automated means. I have a silhouette cameo craft cutter which can score lines on thin sheets of styrene and then parts can be easily cut on the score lines (think low tech substitute for laser cutting). Simple line drawings such as a template can be loaded into the software and the machine can do the cutting.

Technique #3) I have never tried this and the thought crossed my mind while looking at some of the buildings in the paper craft link. This technique would be building the structure out of the medium on which the template is printed. for example print the template in card stock, and assemble the card stock building.
I have no problems with any of these methods. I want to leave it fairly open and leave it up to people at the end to judge based on merit. I actually use the same machine at work to make stickers, and I've seen Kiblams on YouTube use one for plasticard as well. If someone just wants to do a straight up papercraft building that's cool too, but I would kind of hope they would then go in and add detail using more traditional terrain techniques.
Thanks for the answer. Still can't decide which I am going to try.