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Full Version: Comp XV: Printable Templates
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Comp XV: Printable Templates

Quite simply, the idea is to create a piece of terrain using printed templates. This could be anything in theory, but buildings of some sort are the obvious choice. This idea was partially inspired by matthiasstein's WD131 house thread. If people want to use papercraft with actual printed detail on them I don't have a problem with that, but I feel that people should take that into account during the judging process.

Some sources for templates:

Wide range of various papercraft buildings: http://www.ss42.com/pt-buildings.html

Lots of 40k stuff: http://www.40kaddict.uk/2011/02/terrain-is-everything-standard-template.html

I'll continue to find more sources and post them in this thread. Please feel free to post some of your own!

Criteria: The focus of the piece should be based off of a printed template of some sort.
This is such a great competition idea. But it's so hard to pick a template.
What are your thoughts on terrain that is made using materials cut using a laser-cutter? In this case the template is a digital file, but it's the same idea.

I ask because I'm actually in the process of creating a set of industrial terrain templates to be cut right now. I just need to finish the layout and make sure all of the lines are the correct thickness and I'm good to go.
I was looking forward to sharing my entry. Hope when things get back
In shape around here we can finish this.