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Full Version: Alien or Mutant Plants
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I'm back from Japan with just enough time to put together a quick entry.

I plan on creating an assortment of scatter terrain plants for Sci-fi gaming and to use a lot of natural materials in the process.

Only four days to go so I'm going to get started, right now.
To get started I collected a bunch of seedpods and other plant bits, mostly from Australian native plants.  Being Australian plants they are very tough and should stand up to quite a bit of gaming.  Now to make them look weird.

[Image: 34634618811_b9865d33ff_z.jpg]

I decided to start with a collection of assorted gumnuts.

[Image: 34726679166_8aa2a67d04_z.jpg]

For the first plant type I simply painted the seedpods black and followed up with a heavy drybrush of dark green and then light green highlighting.  The stems will have some bits added later on (I just have to work out which of several ideas look the most interesting).

[Image: 34726678846_6dd6b55bf3_z.jpg]

The next plant type used more of the same types of seedpods but inverted.  They were first given an orange basecoat, and finished with a yellow drybrush and a red wash.

[Image: 34726678506_4d71ea865f_z.jpg]

The next bits are assorted dried Bottlebrush seedpods.

[Image: 34766528775_ab09bc1d62_z.jpg]

These were simply given a dark green basecoat and then drybrushed with a light green.

[Image: 34726677926_d20afb4d9d_z.jpg]

Next up I'm using an artificial plant to make some weird little plants.

[Image: 34726677696_de95481c7c_z.jpg]

The little white clusters were cut off given a red basecoat and drybrushed orange.
[Image: 34726677496_9f9356704a_z.jpg][Image: 34726678846_6dd6b55bf3_z.jpg]

Stay tuned for more more mutant/alien plants soon.

I can see these working in a Tyranid game. Australia must be a creepy place. Wink

A few more plants.
Sadly some pictures are a bit overexposed (auto focus, macro settings and flash photography don't always mix well with light colours).

Some pods from an unknown tree.

[Image: 34793069405_aa1cb709c6_z.jpg]

Gave them a simple ochre wash on the outside to contrast with the darker interior and the planned ground cover.  

[Image: 34793068865_673a5e191d_z.jpg]

Some dried caps that protect the buds of some eucalyptus flowers till the're ready to bloom, then they drop off.

[Image: 34793068235_82bf6cd665_z.jpg]

These were also painted ochre and given a mid green drybrush to highlight texture.  Some flowers from a plastic aquarium plant fit on top nicely.  I'll probably add some coloured flock to represent pollen later.

[Image: 34793067695_afe4e2ef44_z.jpg]

Another plastic aquarium plant.

[Image: 34630577542_d9166ab0a9_z.jpg]

I cut several of these up to produce a range of plant sizes and then gave the top of each leaf a thin layer of bright red paint.  As the plastic is slightly translucent it gives a different colour effect to both sides of the leaf (inspired by a poinsettia pot plant).

[Image: 34793066015_0be93ec785_z.jpg]

Time to start basing these and some other bits I've got and put up my final entry.
I think I will have to go for a walk and see what kind of interesting seed pods I can find here in Vancouver, these look like they were a lot of fun to work with.