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Wrecked Cars

Wrecked CarsThis idea came from an activity my brother and I used to do with our toy cars: we'd press foil over them, remove the foil, and then send the 'cars' to the compactor (usually a couple of blocks we pushed together). We'd watch the cars slowly crumple and distort, then we'd crunch them the other way to make little 1/4" cubes of aluminum with features still recognizable.

The first image below shows a 1:50 Lincoln Continental standing beside the aluminum foil shell that was made from it. After pushing the foil down to smooth out the wrinkles and mash in the details, I cut the extra foil with a pair of scissors before carefully removing it from the original. The second image shows a collection of shells made from different cars and then 'crushed' slightly to give them that 'wrecked car look'.

Wrecked Cars Wrecked Cars

At this stage, the shells are very fragile and not suitable for gaming. The solution was to fill them with plaster however this itself presented a couple of problems:

Wrecked CarsThe first is that some of the toy cars have side mirrors which poke holes in the shell. Other shells have small tears that could not be avoided. These need to be sealed up with hot glue or something so the wet plaster won't leak out.

The other problem is keeping the shells in their current shape with the heavy wet plaster. What I did was to place the shells in sand with loose sand poured around them. The sand then supports the shells evenly until the plaster is dry.

Painting began with a spraying of grey primer after which Kishkumen tried out a number of techniques for painting the cars. In some cases the cars were painted and the paint was then 'rubbed' off to expose the aluminium beneath. In other cases this was dry-brushed and rust colours were used to give an 'aged', as opposed to 'recently wrecked' appearance. Kishkumen also tried out a number of techniques for painting the windscreens and for 'detailing'. In one case a model tank was used to make the car look as if it had been run over by the tank, and in another the wheel arches were hollowed out so that wheels could be added.

Wrecked Cars Wrecked Cars Wrecked Cars Wrecked Cars

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