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Since 1997 TerraGenesis aim has been to show you all you need to know to make great looking, cheap terrain. This, the main section of our site, is crammed full of examples of what can be achieved with just a little imagination.

Buildings - In this section you'll find all kinds of buildings including houses, ruins, castles, towers, industrial plants, landing pads, bridges, churches and more.

Rocks & Water - Hills, crags, rocks, ponds and rivers - the fundamental elements of landscape.

Vegetation - Trees, plants, grasses, jungles and weird alien flora.

Gaming boards - Constructing modular, sectional and landscaped gaming boards.

Bits & pieces - Things that don't really fit well into any of the other sections.

Reader's Terrain Tips - Lots of short readers' tips and ideas (mostly without pictures but inspiring none the less).

Inspiration - This section contains inspiring pictures of terrain without much in the way of description, plus a few pictures of some 1:1 scale stuff courtesy of God.

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