Imperial Makeshift Fortification

Created by chump-change and came 2nd in our our The Last Stand Competition.

This is a thrown-together "bunker" fortification on a raised position, centered around the top of a Chimera troop transport in 28 mm scale. The hill is the standard pink insulation foam, covered in sand, and the rest of the base is matboard. The overall dimensions are 11 x 14 inches.
The concrete debris is just crushed plaster, left over from Hirst Arts castings. The spikes and posts are craft sticks and pieces of styrene pushed down into the foam, the walls are simply distressed pieces of styrene (sheet and model truck body parts), and the pipes, as well as the steel lattice bits are miscasts and parts of failed assemblies from the Hirst Arts 3/8 inch pipe mold and steel bridge mold.

The whole model was sprayed with flat black paint (with the foam well protected), with the metal pieces painted first in Testors Model Masters Iron (Acryl), and followed up by MIG Old Rust powder on matte medium, then Vallejo Fiery Orange.

The ground and concrete were overbrushed first with Vallejo Medium Grey, followed by Stonewall Grey and a wash of Dark Fleshtone thinned out with isapropanol (rubbing alcohol) 91% solution. I painted some of the metal pieces either Vallejo Dark Green, Medium Blue, or Red in the middle for color variation.


Keywords: bunkersS concreteS debrisS imperialS

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