Great Mesa

Created by asdel and came 2nd in our our Dangerous Terrain Competition.

The Great Mesa is scale-neutral model 12 in. wide and 15 in. long. It is sized to fit in a box of the same size and should overlay a previous project. My goals where to improve the sides of the beaten foam mesas I've done in the past and make them more three dimensional. I also wanted to improve my paint scheme to a more dynamic range.

Build is straight forward: pink foam on a 1/8th hardboard base. I cut the basic shape of the foam using a hot wire foam cutter. The second level of rock was glued in place. I beat the upper surfaces with hammer blows of moderate strength to fracture the surface. I created the stratification on the sides was with a hatchet - quick light taps with the hatchet held level. Finally, I beat the edges more aggressive with a hammer to break up remove the 'foam-cutter' look. I then glued model rail road ballast into seams and cliff bases to reinforce, hide, and improve the texture.



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