Dystopian War EotBS Hangers 1:1200 Scale

Created by wdlanghans for our 3 of a Kind Competition.

Dystopian Wars is a 1:1200 scale table top miniature war game set in a 1870 Victorian Steampunk world. The Empire of the Blazing Sun is a Japanese based faction that I made a series of hangers for.

The walls of the hangers were constructed with cardboard which was then covered with a corrugated aluminum foil. The wood corners and supports are various sizes of styrene strips.

The roofs were created by attaching 1mm half round styrene strips and 18 gauge wire to the underlying structure.

To make the roof of the octagon open and closed I used cloth as hinges and magnets to hold it closed at top.

The rules for this competition stated that the pieces could be part of an existing board that was still a work in progress, thus the unfinished airfield.



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